D.I.Y Denim Tips

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Life isn’t cheap and neither are clothes, especially expensive designer garments like jeans. That’s why it’s important to know how to re-work your wardrobe and recycle the old. Today we’re going to give you some tips on how to D.I.Y your denim, and help make your wardrobe funky and fresh…don’t worry you can totally work this on a budget.

Tip #1: D.I.Y Distressed Jeans.
Distressed jeans are very popular and trendy right now. There are loads of various tools you can use to get this look (We promise it’s not difficult). Firstly you need to put your jeans on a flat hard surface and use a marker to mark out the areas you want to distress. Use tools such as scissors, blades and even sandpaper to create this look. Once you have made your blade and scissor marks and scores use the sandpaper to rough out the edges…It’s that easy!

Tip #2: D.I.Y Ripped Jeans.
Ripped jeans are the ultimate sexy look right now and it’s so easy to re- create this style with an old pair of warn out jeans. The more warn the better as they will rip easier. Lay your jeans out on a flat surface, preferably a hard surface that can get damaged (I would throw an old magazine under the jeans). Once you have marked your area use a super sharp pair of scissors and begin to score the jeans at different lengths. Once the jeans begin to tear use your hands to tug and the tears and rough them up a bit depending on how frayed and torn you want them…and voilà you have the perfect pair of stylish ripped jeans.

Tip #3: D.I.Y Patch Work.
Okay, so we aren’t talking scarecrow patch work here, we talking an alternative punk look. Grab some old fabric that you have lying around the house or even an old ripped (plaid printed) shirt. Once you have the fabric, turn your damaged jeans inside out and start placing fabric squares on the areas you want patched. You can either use hot glue or a needle and thread to attach the fabric to the jeans, just note hot glue is a lot quicker! Wait a few minutes, turn them the right way around and you have a new pair of colourful patched jeans!

Tip #4: D.I.Y Studs.
Are you jeans looking a bit boring and sad? Then we have the best way to give them a pick me up and add some detail…We’re talking STUDS! Head to the local haberdashery and pick yourself up some fabric studs. There are loads of different shapes, sizes and colours so pick the ones best suited to your style. Once you have the studs in hand grab your jeans and start marking out the areas you want to stud up. Usually the best places are on the front pockets, back pockets and also around the ankle rim of the jeans. Use hot glue and begin to place your studs on to the jeans. Have fun with it, make patterns, styles and go crazy! Now your jeans have a little bling in their life and so do you..

Never be afraid of doing something different with your wardrobe, get creative and take matters into your own hands. You could land up saving yourself loads of cash and show off your own personal designs to your friends…So get your D.I.Y Denim on!