Lenasia Premier League - Sporting Supermen

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The Lenasia premier league is a semi-professional league for 20/20 cricket in Gauteng and South Africa. It was the brainchild of Ziyaad Desai and was co-founded by Riaaz Gaibee and Ziyaad Kardamey. The LPL is currently contested by 6 franchise teams comprising of players from all over the country. The names of these teams are, The Bank All Stars, Crescent Hawks, Cavalier Cats, Sporting Supermen, Tasmanian Devils and Shakti Tigers. The LPL is considered to be the world’s best run semi-professional 20/20 league. Top local Lenasia talent and the best players from around the country take part in the LPL contributing to what is the worlds “richest and best club competition”. 

The aims and objectives of the LPL have always remained constant with the main focus being to break down all barriers which exist between people, be it race, political or religious, to name a few. It is there to provide an opportunity for any talented cricketer to showcase their ability. The LPL have remained true to its Lenasia based players and this can be seen in the number of local players represented in the tournament. The LPL has upgraded the Lenasia cricket stadium and shall continue to do so with the help of Selvin Pilay.

The main goals of the tournament are:

• To re-create the excitement for the game of cricket that once existed in the cricket loving
community of Lenasia and its surrounding areas.

• To foster a spirit of brotherhood and sportsmanship through the wonderful game of cricket.

• To find and nurture young talent.

• To become the much talked about, anticipated annual sporting event of the year
in Gauteng Cricket.

• To prepare club cricketers with a platform to sharpen their skills before the upcoming
club cricket season.

• To create a platform for aspiring cricket players to showcase their talent and skills.

• To allow retired cricket players to give back to grass root cricket development.

• To generate a start up fund that will initiate the establishment and building
of a cricket academy.

• To bring people of various backgrounds and age groups, together in an enjoyable and fun way

• To break down racial barriers in the sport.

This year Soviet Denim sponsored the Sporting Supermen, who is captained by one of our very own, Carlyn Le Maitre's husband Juan Le Maitre. It was a well contested season by all 6 franchise teams and it made for an exciting final, who saw the Sporting Supermen face the 2012 and 2013 winners, Bank All Stars . Both teams played well but the Sporting Supermen dominated in the field and with the bat. 

In the end, we are proud to say that the Sporting Supermen took the title and are crowned the 2014 LPL Champions.

To find out more about the Lenasia Premier League and how to get involved, you can visit there website or like them on their Facebook page.

For direct contact you can email lenasiaipl@gmail.com or call Ziyaad Desai 083 711 5847 or Riaaz Gaibie 082 256 6927