The Best Materials to Wear to Stay Cool in Summer

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Rayon is a trusted companion when the weather is hot, but seeing as though it is a semi-synthetic material and is not as absorbent as most of its natural counterparts, it is best worn on those days that promise lower levels of humidity, hence less perspiration.


Just as delicately beautiful as silk, chiffon also has the added benefit of being a slightly more absorbent and breathable fabric all-round, making it the perfect choice for balmy spring and summer afternoons.

Soviet’s Tip: Extend the life of your favourite chiffon items by washing them by hand instead of laundering in the machine.


Cotton is arguably the most popular summer fabric. Lightweight, affordable, and ensuring the ultimate in breathability, it is the number one choice for a day spent outdoors. It is versatile in that it will help keep you cool during those scorching days, regardless of the presence of humidity or lack thereof.

Soviet’s Tip: In order to preserve the lifespan of your favourite cotton garments, be sure to hang them on the washing line to dry as opposed to using a tumble-dryer which could cause them to shrink over time.


Another lightweight, breezy fabric, linen is often used to manufacture summer dresses and blouses. The only downfall is that it has the tendency to wrinkle more than most other summer-friendly fabrics - luckily, this can be easily remedied. If you aren’t a fan of ironing, just keep a spray bottle filled with water handy. Spritz some water onto the garment and flatten out obvious creases with your hands.


Lace is a timeless fabric that boasts plenty of summer appeal. Along with being delicate and breezy, it is also very trendy right now and will effortlessly add a dash of femininity to any outfit.


Most people are under the impression that denim is too heavy to be a suitable summer fabric. However, this depends on the type of denim that you choose to wear. Why not invest in a pair of stylish denim shorts? Or perhaps a fashionable mid-calf design? You can even wear your favourite full-length jeans if you plan the rest of your outfit strategically - sandals, cotton t-shirt / crop top etc. Make no mistake… denim is, and always will be, a fabric that will see you through all seasons!