Day to Night Denim

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The majority of us have to ensure that our wardrobe doubles as work and casual wear. So when we shop you need to think “How can I doll this garment up or down” or “Can I go from day to night with this item”. Over all it's just cost effective to shop and think that way. Thankfully it’s easy to go from day to night with denim since they are so versatile and are easy to pair with many different items, but here are a few pointers if you need to pull an all day and nighter in denim.

It’s important that you pick and pair of jeans that have comfortable fit, no one wants to spend the entire day and night pulling up their pants. Also make sure they are stretchy and you don’t feel constricted, you need to be able to sit and stand without worrying that they might rip. Colour is also just as important, no one wants to see you try pair acid wash jeans with a fancy blouse at dinner…It’s just not right. Rather go for a medium to light wash colour. These colours make it easy to style up an outfit plus classic blue denim never goes out of fashion. As far as style goes stick with skinny or a straight leg cut, these styles are perfect to dress up any casual day or night look.

Now, you’ve had a crazy day running around at work doing errands and crazy admin…then your girls call you up, they want to go for drinks after work but you have only 2 minutes to drive past home. Not to worry, you have your perfect pair of denims on. 

You feel super comfy and sexy so all that’s left is to glam up your outfit a little and quickly apply some make-up in the car. We suggest you grab a top with a little sparkle and something dark in colour (This helps you move from a day to night look) maybe throw on the glam leather jacket you’ve been dying to wear. Grab your go to wedge heels, the stunning necklace that never lets you down, apply some lipstick in the car and you are good to go!

Soviet Denim knows how to work hard and play hard.  So when you are looking for your perfect denims for that girl’s night out and you just don’t have the time to get to the mall, don’t stress. You can shop Soviet Denim online, just head to Zando and find us there.