Everyone's Essential Pair of Denim Jeans:

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We all have that one perfect pair, the one that you pull out for a first date or a night out. Your go to pair, the ones that make your bum that perfect round shape and accentuate your calf's. Its that one pair of essential denim jeans that we all have in our closet...but why, why are these jeans such an essential… we have the answer.


We all want that perfect fit and the perfect look and there are so many different types of jeans out there for everyone's taste and body type. Anyone of any shape can own their perfect pair of jeans, knowing they look great and are super comfortable! Got great legs? Then skinny jeans are your thing. Have a great waistline? The high-waisted jeans are your go to. It's so amazing that one garment can be so versatile and the number one clothing item you find in Everyone's closet..

If you are wanting to invest in the perfect pair of “Forever” jeans take our advice, dark denim is always best. They create a more slimming and versatile look which means you can switch between a casual day look to a smart evening look in no time. We also suggest a you purchase a style that never goes out of fashion, like a classic boot-cut or skinny. Make sure this style suits your body type and its something you would be happy to wear on daily basis.


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