Soviet Apparel Trends 2016

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New Apparel That Make Your Jeans Look Good 

Bootcuts, skaterboy styles and loose, comfortable fits. We’ve spoken about what jeans you should be rocking, and how to wear them for the latest, trendiest looks in 2016. But, let’s face it. Even if you wear the coolest, runway inspired jeans, you’re not going to get anywhere with the wrong accessories.

Luckily Soviet is here to save you from any potential fashion fails. With the latest fashion trends, outfit ideas and styles, you are guaranteed a Soviet Sexy look every time you step out in your favourite jeans:

Show Your Shoulders: 

Comfortable, breathable and sexy as hell. Designers are taking this humble trend to the max in order to highlight and show off your arms and shoulders. With exaggerated cutouts and flairs, you can pair this style with high-waisted jeans or  mid-length denim skirts for a vintage, country look.

A Twist on the White Shirt:

No longer the go-to for the walk of shame, white button-down shirts have taken their place in the fashion hall of fame. However, add a twist to your piece with a ruffle, a slash or a side-ways knot to make the old favourite look super-sexy. Pair them with your jeans for a look so hot, you’ll melt eyes!

Lingerie-inspired Couture:

Bring the inside outside by taking out your sexy silk shirts and lacy tops. Although a classic favourite that screams opulence, you can dress it down with your loose fit jeans and Soviet’s Lady Catnis high-tops. If you’re feeling more adventurous, layer your denim shirt by adding a spaghetti-strap silk dress over it, or a lacy shawl, and pairing it with high pumps. 2016 is all about layering, and adding the lingerie-effect ought to score you even more fashion points.

Embellished Beauty:

Dolly Parton wasn’t that far off when she started adding diamonds and studs to… pretty much everything. This season sees a whole new textural dimension with embellished designs everywhere. Turn your jeans into a bling-thing with embellished sneakers, shirts, scarves, hats and everything else you can cover. An embellished belt will draw attention to your Sexy Soviet-clad legs too. 

Be Riddled with Ruffles:

If ruffles sound ridiculous, don’t be despaired. A flouncy pink skirt might appear childish, but pair it with a denim boyfriend blazer, studded cuffs and wedges, and you have barbie-ballerina transformed to model-magnificence. 

What are your favourite Soviet Style prediction for 2016, and what would you like to see floating around in your cupboard?

Whatever your style, visit a Soviet store now for the latest locally-made fashion trends and styles for 2016!