New Denim Trends for 2016

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What will you be wearing in 2016?

The old is out, and the new is in. With the calendar moving one year up, fashion too has reinvented itself with new trends for 2016.

When it comes to fashion, we have a pretty exciting year ahead of us: from bright and bold stripes to sexy exposed shoulders, statement earrings and embellished bags. Soviet looks at the denim trends that you need to pay attention to this year.

Skaterboy Flares:


Perhaps the most important addition to your wardrobe this year is the 70’s inspired, 90’s twist Skaterboy Flares. Wide, loose and baggy in a high- or mid-rise style will do you good. A relaxed, low-slung fit will score you even more points. Go for a shorter length (ankle-length) when wearing sneakers or flats, and a bit longer for heels.

Printed Denim:


From outrageously printed floral motifs to subtle mottled effects, this season sees an extra dimension with some interesting textures added to your jeans. From creative patterns and symbols to text printed in specific areas, you’ll find loads of reasons to get a bit wild with print. If you are a bit nervous about rocking prints, go the complete opposite (because different is always beautiful) with white washed jeans paired with a bold, wide-striped shirt in a silky texture. Although less dramatic, it still makes a statement.



If you’re feeling a bit boyish after last season’s boyfriend jeans, then fret not. This season sees a lot of retro denim skirts and button-down dresses. Pair your skirt with a feminine vintage shirt, and your dress with an interesting under-tee, and you’ll have the perfect reason to celebrate your femininity.

Watch out for Soviet’s Winter Collection coming soon. With all the latest trends, and trusty classics, you’re sure to find something that will make you feel trendy and sexy, or elegant and beautiful.

What are your 2016 fashion predictions, and how will you be wearing your jeans and denim apparel this year? Let us know in the comments section.