The 2016 Golden Globe Awards

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Let the Red-carpet Fashion Passion Begin

10 January 2016: Suits, ball gowns, beauty, style and loads of designer pieces walking around. The 72nd Golden Globe event marks the official start of Hollywood’s award season but, more importantly, the start of red-carpet fashion fights. From faces to frocks, everyone gets put under the bright lights of Hollywood glamour, and the judging panel is not always kind.

With the Oscar nominations announcement following soon, everyone is trying to make an impression. Afterall, Hollywood is where appearance reigns supreme. Soviet looks at some of the top fashion hits for the evening, as well as some of the lowest fashion fails.

Best Dressed:
Jennifer Lawrence:

Classically beautiful, sophisticated and with a hint of sexy thrown in. What could be more perfect for Hollywood’s favourite Lady in Red? Jennifer owned the red-carpet with her Dior gown and Chopard jewellery. Looking every bit the winner that she is, the young starlet also walked away with the prize for “Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy”. Congratulations Jennifer!

Alicia Vikander:

Continuing her reign as the Queen of Louis Vuitton, Alicia Vikander sported feminine ruffles and suspender-style back dress in Ivory sequins. Complimenting her figure perfectly, this dress is sure to become a fashion hit.

Jenna Dewan:

A princess in Zuhair Murad, the gorgeous wife of Channing Tatum sparkled on the red-carpet this year. Everything from the glittering embellishments to the ball gown skirt and plunging neckline worked beautifully on this fashion royalty.

Lady Gaga:

Gone are the days of meat dresses and lobster shoes. Lady Gaga channeled a glamourous, sophisticated “Miss Monroe” look on the red-carpet. Wearing an off-the-shoulder, black Versace gown, paired with a beautifully styled bob, Leonardo De Caprio wasn’t the only one knocked over by this beautiful lady.


Let’s face it. This young Hollywood starlet can do no wrong when it comes to dressing up. With a tiered skirt and plunging neckline, Zendaya managed to look elegant in her ruby red Marchesa gown, while still looking her age.

Worst Dressed:
Eva Longoria:

Gorgeous body, radiant beauty, the perfect hair… and bad taste in fashion? For a 40 year old, Eva looks amazing. But the double bows and unnecessary floral embellishments on her latin hips? This Georges Hobeika gown only made her look matronly. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! And you’ve got it, Eva!

Kate Hudson:

Something fishy happened to Miss Hudson’s choice of dress for the red-carpet this year. With a glittery, salmon-coloured crop Michael Kors dress, this ensemble looks like it might show more than her perfect abs at any point in time. Wardrobe malfunction, anybody?

Katie  Perry:

The usually flamboyant, gorgeous singer forgot her courage somewhere at home and rocked the red-carpet in a very unflattering, uninteresting gown. Pair that with a 60’s style blop on her head, and we have to say: this outfit did not make us roar, Katie.

Cate Blancett:

Call the fashion police immediately. The usually spot-on Cate stole some granny’s lamp and turned it into a… Givenchy body covering? Although this stunning actress is heading into the mature years of her life, she still looks gorgeous. However, this dress lacked the usual grace and elegance that Cate brings to the red-carpet.

Alan Cumming:

Classic suit meets vibrant colours, meets nerdy glasses meets Justin Bieber sneakers… Wait, what? The usually dapper Alan Cumming took trend-mixing to a whole different level with this mismatched look. With your eye drifting from one fashion statement to the other (in one outfit, no less), I’m sure photographers had a mission trying to decide which part to snap. Perhaps a plain black suit would have worked better, Alan? More is less, you know…

Of course, fashion is an expression of one’s own personality, and Soviet supports diversity in every sense. As long as the stars felt comfortable and beautiful, we embrace their choice of ensembles 100%... frills and body spills, or not.

Tell us who wore your favourite look for the evening, and why. Or make your Oscar Couture predictions right here... Soviet wants to know!