2016 Resolutions The Simple Way

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Keeping resolutions is not an easy feat for anyone, most of us give up after a few weeks, others make it a few months and then there are those few strong individuals that make it the entire year...us normal people bow to you. Thankfully we have few simple tips to help you push through and in the words of Shia Lebeouf "Just Do It!" 

Okay, so first off "keep it simple stupid", lets not over do the resolutions. Don't come up with with extravagant over the top goals that not even the best of us can hold up. So end off the year by writing down a few short simple goals that you can work on in the new year. As you become more accustomed to working on these goals then you can start pushing yourself harder and reaching even bigger goals as you move forward in the year. 

Secondly, DON'T let people influence you! Friends and family will more than likely question you and your set goals. Let it slide, you know how tough you are. Most of the time they are just jealous as most of their resolutions have either already fallen through or they didn't land up making any. Staying positive is the biggest rule in keeping your resolutions intact. 

Lastly, Its always a fantastic idea to keep a journal or diary update about your progress and accomplishments. This will help with the extra motivation you need on tough days. Page back, see how far you've come and never forget to reward yourself on your progress when you achieve a goal. 

We know its tough, but come now just think, new year new YOU! The ultimate result once you have achieved all your goals will be incredible so just keep on keeping on!