Wine2Whales: Introducing Our Heroes

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Superman, Batman, Spiderman… The imaginary heroes of children across the world. Heroes who’s purpose it is to take on the bad guys and keep humanity safe from evil, dysfunctional individuals.
Soviet has a team of its own heroes. Six very real heroes who are riding through the challenging hills of the Cape in order to bring hope and joy to Autistic children. Using their determination, skill and generous spirits, these six heroes are facing 212 km of tough riding to bring attention to the needs of the small Alpha school in Woodstock, CTN.
Soviet introduces their six heroes proudly:
Ashraf  Kathrada:
Riding since December 2014, Ashraf Kathrada completed his first 3-day challenge racing in rain, slush and mud - not the perfect conditions for a first-time racer. While Ash admits that single tracks and cliff edges are only some of his fears, he claims “smiling for the camera” is his biggest vice. However, once he has achieved his dream of winning at least one “King of the Mountain” stage race in his age category, we are sure he’ll be smiling all the way.

Achmat Joseph:
The best looking rider on the Soviet team, Achmat Joseph can teach his team mate (Kathrada) a thing or two about smiling for a camera. For the past 18 years, Joseph has been known for keeping his “don’t leave anyone behind” attitude alive and well. However, he would prefer to leave any hot riding conditions in his tracks. His highlights include completing 18 Argus races, including Sub 3, W2W Race, Amashova and EP Herald.

 Reon Smal:
Although he often misses the beautiful views on offer during long-distance races, the heart-racing, blood-pumping, head-rushing effect that downhills, single tracks and jumps has on him, is what has kept Reon Smal racing since May 2014. He has completed 100 Miler and the Karoo to Coast race.
Chris Skosan:
Riding for over just over a year now, Chris Skosan already has a 100 Miler Race and the Karoo to Coast race behind his back, Skosan has developed a knack for technical and speed riding, however he feels that his long, slow climb riding still needs some work.

Andre Oberholzer:
With over 9 years experience in riding, Andre Oberholzer is a champion when it comes to single track racing and taking on long, open stretches. Like most riders, steep climbs is not his thing, but facing this challenge, Oberholzer has already completed two Karoo to Coast rides, with a 1 hour improvement from one race to another.

Garth Carnell:
As the most experienced rider on the team, with just short of 30 years of riding behind him, Garth has perfected his technical skills by competing in various multi-stage races, including Joberg2C, Dr. Evil Classic and Gravel  & Grape races. His vices lie with long, slow climbs, but with so many years experience, he makes all other racers look like babies.

Soviet wishes its team of heroes the best of luck with their challenge. We are proud of you for being a real-life, modern-day hero for Autistic children.

You too can be part of this team of heroes by donating generously to the Alpha School for Autistic Children in Woodstock. If you would like to make a donation, please see banking details below. You can donate R1 per km for the total 3-day race distance of 212 km, or any amount you wish.

Please note that all funds go directly to the school banking account - please use Team Soviet as reference when donating.

Alpha School for Autistic Kids
First National Bank
Account Number: 50130041010
Branch Code: 201909