Finding True Love in a Pair of Jeans

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What do you do when your favourite jeans are in the wash and, for some inexplicable reason, you find yourself without your fashion go-to for the day?

The answer is easy…

You grab your SO’s favourite pair (it’s what they are there for, right?)!

Boyfriend jeans are a style that we frown upon, but  we all love it deep down. However, it’s not as simple as flinging your boyfriend’s jeans on. Some styles can overwhelm your body and make you look a few kilograms heavier. Other styles might not be appropriate for the season, or might not suit your style at all.

If you’re going to embrace the look, you need to find the right pair to live “happily ever after” in. With these jean-hacks, finding your perfect pair is easier than finding your perfect man:

Petite Frame: 

If you are going to wear these jeans in a baggy, over-sized style without a  tapered ankle, you run the risk of drowning your body, and it looking like you are wearing a potato sack. Try finding a slim/skinny fit with a tapered leg. This will give you that slouchy look, but with a whole lot less material. Also try to avoid awkwardly cropped jeans, as these will make you look shorter.

Tall Frame: 

If you have long pegs, count your blessings. Boyfriend jeans, of any style, were pretty much made for you. A baggy fit will probably suit you best. Wear them slung low on the hips with a tight shirt to give you that chilled-out look. Because you have never-ending under-limbs, you can also wear the jeans cropped, the perfect Summer Style Solution.

Curvy Frame: 

Senorita, don’t be alarmed. If you have Beyonce-style curves, you too can wear boyfriend jeans. Just like the petite girl, stick to a skinny fit with a tapered leg. This will show off your figure, without making you look bigger and shapeless.

Boyish Frame: 

If your figure is more slim and straight (like a ruler), then baggy boyfriend jeans are for you. The extra fabric and cut of the jean will give you more curves and accentuate your flattering figure. Except for the baggy-rule, follow the petite and tall tips, to whichever length describes you best.

Extra Tips:

  1. Make sure the back pockets on slimmer boyfriend jeans are smaller and flattering.
  2. Make sure cropped boyfriend jeans hit at a flattering height on your calves.
  3. The slimmer the cuff at the hem, the longer your legs will look.
  4. Try to avoid large, square shaped pockets. They aren’t flattering from behind.
  5. Try to choose a wash that looks authentic, lived in and real.
  6. Make sure your jeans fit a little tighter to begin with as they will stretch a lot with wear.

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