Sexy Summer Cocktails

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Mixers, Sundowners, Cocktails… Whatever you like to call them, there is nothing more pleasurable than sipping something sweet on the beachfront at sunset.

With cocktail trends changing with the setting of each sun, Soviet brings you 10 of our favourite Summer Cocktails that will inspire a sense of enjoyment, refreshment and relaxation:

The Strawberry Puff:

Pink, fluffy and classically milkshake-like, the Strawberry Puff has a sense of brightness and freshness that one would expect from a real strawberry. The Hayman’s Old Tom Gin and Lemon adds a well-played citrus flavour, complementing the zesty strawberry contribution. It’s not too sweet, or heavy, as most creamy cocktails can be.


- Hayman’s Old Tom Gin
- Strawberries
- Lemon
- Cream


The Illuminati is a Mezcal-based cocktail made with 5 variants of orange-based ingredients. Although it might come across as an orange-flavoured adult drink, it isn’t. It has a graceful, feminine taste, with subliminal citrus flavours.


- Sombra Mezcal
- Sobeso
- Santa Teresa Orange Rhum
- Luxardo Tripulm
- Scrappy’s Seville Orange Bitters
- Fee Brothers West Indian Orange Bitters

Taco Truck:

Putting a whole new spin on the drink of the season, Mezcal, the Taco Truck is a smoky, balanced, surprisingly light “Liquid Taco” that gives you the grilled al pastor and pineapple aromas of LA Taco trucks. The Sweet Vermouth and Mezcal pairing is surprisingly perfect, and is beautifully rounded off with Pineapple and Cinnamon-infused Campari.


- Mezcal
- Pineapple and Cinnamon-infused Campari
- Sweet Vermouth

Beaverdusa Punch:

A soft, smooth cocktail that reminds you of the falling leaves of Autumn, the Beaverdusa Punch is made from Bourbon, Rye and the Elderflower infused St. Germain. Mixed with light, sea-tasting Japanese Sencha Tea and lemon, to give it a curious twist, and a spicy combination of peppercorn, clove and allspice berries.


- Bourbon
- Rye
- Scotch
- St. Germain
- Sencha Tea
- Lemon
- Oleo-saccharum

Mr. Blue Sky:

Imagine yourself in a traditional Italian village, in the middle of spring, with a cocktail in your hand. That cocktail is a Mr. Blue Sky. The light, frothy, robin-egg-blue cocktail is the perfect combination of gin, liqueur, lemon, egg-white, Sambuca and evaporated cane sugar, giving you a sweet, floral aroma and a little taste of herbaceous gin. Mmmmm...


- St. George Botanivore Gin
- Iris Liqueur
- Bitter Truth Violet
- Lemon
- Egg-white
- Evaporated Cane Sugar
- Luxardo Sambuca

Cowboy Killer:

Rich, dark, smoky… Whether you smoke or not, this tobacco-infused drink will have you reminiscing about nights spent next to a roaring campfire. The unique sweetness of Griff’s Cowboy Whiskey, blended with the cinnamon spice of the Chocolate Chili Bitters, gives you a complex taste that you need to sip slowly. And with the typical characteristics of smoking a cig, the tobacco-infused syrup will only contribute to the heady rush of this cocktail.


- Griff’s Cowboy Whiskey
- Chocolate Chili Bitters
- Tobacco-infused Syrup

Los Muertos:

Just like the Mexican festival that celebrates the day of the dead, Los Muertos is a complex, bitter-sweet cocktail that will leave you crying tears of joy. The bitter-sweet theme is followed through in every ingredient: the exotic, Angostura Bitters-based, cinnamon and liquorice infused Amaro di Angostura, the slightly bitter end of the sweet Montenegro Amaro and the dark chocolate taste of Chocolate Mole Bitters. Cinnamon and spicy, this drink combines old fashioned aromas with trends from the new age.


- Amaro di Angostura
- Montenegro Amaro
- Chocolate Mole Bitters

Rose Jose:

The general rule is to never mix drinks, and we can imagine that alternating between Tequila and Rose wine might end up badly. But with the Rose Jose, the refreshing, combination is so delicious that the pain might be worth the pleasure. Tequila Blanco and Rose is mixed with rhubarb, pink peppercorn, lemon and seltzer. Beware: it still kicks like Tequila.


- Rose Wine
- Tequila Blanco
- Rhubarb
- Pink Peppercorn
- Lemon
- Seltzer

Surf Report:

What would Summer be without a little taste of the ocean? Well, now you can taste the beach in a glass with this ocean-inspired cocktail. A gin-based mix with Dry Vermouth, and a sprinkle of black pepper, Surf Report features a unique ingredient, “Salt Air”. A creative replacement for an abrasive salt rim, “Salt Air” uses lime juice, a pair of salts, cucumber juice, mint syrup and Sucro (an emulsifying agent that traps air bubbles and has aerating properties). The drink is refreshingly savoury, and deliciously perfect.


- Gin
- Lime Juice
- Dry Vermouth
- Mint Leaves
- Cucumber
- Anisette
- Sea Salt
- Black Pepper

Sacred Cow:

If you like creamy, exotic cocktails, this Indian Food inspired drink is for you. The thoughtful blend of creamy and sweet, aromatic ingredients creates an incredible lassi-type texture. Think creamy, velvet sweetness.


- Sloane’s Gin
- Yoghurt and Apricot Liqueur
- Lemon
- Honey
- Egg-white
- Saffron Bitters
- Pistachio Crumble

Enjoy your summer with a Sexy Summer Cocktail, and Soviet: Your partner in a stylish Summer.