Soviet Youth in Vogue

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Soviet Youth in Vogue

On the morning of 16 June 1976, The Soweto Uprising - a series of protests led by high school students - began. An estimated 20 000 students from numerous Sowetan schools were protesting for their right to receive school education in their mother tongue.

Now, 41 years later, we take a day to celebrate these teens’ bravery to stand up for what they believe in: Real Youngsters, Real Values. And what better way to celebrate individuality like this than in the loud voice of fashion.

With denim taking over the walkways in the fashion capitals of the world, Soviet, a proudly South African brand, takes a moment to look at how you can express yourself through your clothes.

Ripped, flared and totally 70’s:
Yup, those golden oldies your mother used to wear? The ones with all the tears she kept, for some reason?

Vintage-inspired repair and re-stitched detailing is making a major come-back this season. High-rise isn’t going anywhere either, so ask mom nicely if you can borrow her go-to’s. Or, if you would prefer your own pair of classics, try Soviet’s #8 AppleJack Denims.

Skinny Me Jeans:
Skinny jeans have not only become a fashion must-have, it has become the staple denim of every woman’s wardrobe. They are versatile, attractive and so easy to wear to any occasion. Celebrities swear by them, and fashionistas have embraced the with passion. If you don’t have a pair, get Soviet’s #8 Bindi Jeans, with a little detail to make you stand out and pair it with some Chargers and a moto jacket.

Next-level Denim:
Denim is evolving into a next generation material. Everybody is experimenting with new denim technology, amalgamating luxury, comfort and fit. Who doesn’t want the perfect jeans that never loses it shape? Try Soviet’s new range of hybrid Jolt Jeans with elastic technology. They are Jeggings on steroids.

Whatever your cause for celebration, or a little bit of rebellion, this Youth Day, remember to do it in the comfort of your own style, paired with your own voice, and a killer pair of denims.