20 Reasons Why Your Dad Deserves Denim

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20 Reasons Why Your Dad Deserves Denim
This Father’s Day

He’s been around forever, he’s known for his style, value and his classic smile, and he the first person you go to when you need a smile.Your dad, just like your favourite pair of denims, has been there for you whenever you times have been tough.

Here are 20 reasons why your dad deserves denim this year:

1. He Knows exactly what to say when you freak out
2. He makes the best braai ever
3. He goes out to buy you medicine, whenever you feel sick (no matter how old you are)
4. He takes the most memorable photos at family events
5. He always puts his family first, even if it means taking on side-jobs for extra money so you can have that iPhone you wanted
6. Even though he can’t dance, he is always willing to make a fool of himself to get the party started
7. He always wears his favourite shirt, and doesn’t care what others think, just because he feels comfortable in it
8. He takes you camping and teaches you how to make fire
9. He is the funniest, silliest, most fun guy you will ever know
10. He teaches you how to drive
11. He teaches you useless facts about things you will probably never use
12. He lets you give him a makeover with your mother’s make-up, just because you love it
13. He shows you how to build the tallest block-tower, and then shows you how to do DIY things around the house when you are older
14. He rocks out to old songs that nobody even knows about
15. He has a boring job, doing boring things. But when he thinks nobody is watching, he is as wild as a lion
16. He gets really excited about Christmas, just because he gets to see the happy smile on your face
17. He teaches you to fish, even though you are vegetarian
18. He threatens to kill the boy that broke your heart
19. He goes shopping with you for your matric farewell dress, just so you can have a man’s opinion on how you look
20. He makes sure you are safely in bed at night, and kisses you just to make sure you know you are loved

This Father’s Day, you know he is going to be pulling on his denim and do what he loves best: loving you. So thank him for his unconditional, undying love by getting him a new pair of Soviet Denim’s - you know it is his favourite.