Soviet: The Best Service Ever

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 Soviet: The Best Service Ever

Providing top-notch customer service isn’t rocket science. However, good service is as difficult to find as unicorns. Some people are completely oblivious to the benefits of having a team that makes your customers a top priority, thus creating a bigger market share and better bottom line.

When you come across that diamond that not only smiles, but is genuinely happy to assist you in buying the right pair of jeans, we celebrate her in full force.

Kamogelo is one of these precious assets. A sales assistant at Soviet Menlyn, she recently demonstrated the power of excellent service.

“Kamogelo is a well turned out young lady who was courteous and well spoken. She went out of her way to help me with my purchases,” says Ms. Pretorius.

So what are some of the key points of good customer service?

Body Language: For a good overall shopping experience, make sure you smile.
Behave Appropriately: As much as we support being yourself, remember that you are representing a brand, and that brand has a personality. Stay in line with that personality
Exceed All Customer Expectations: Continue to help and assist the customer right until the end of her shopping experience; take time and make effort
Remember Your Colleagues: Good customer service doesn’t only happen on the floor. Remember to show your colleagues the same friendly, helpful personality.

Good customer service is all around us and can be achieved with little effort. Congratulations Kamogelo. Your efforts are the beginning of great things, and we thank you for shining like a star.

Let us know if you’ve experienced exceptional customer service at your Soviet Store.