5 Reasons You Should Get Your Man in Soviet This Season

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1. Denim Shirts Reinvented
The denim shirt of the 90's has not exactly been the most fashionable item going around. That is, until now...
According to top designers (think Tom Ford), the denim shirt is the latest fashion must-have for men this winter. Taking over the formal scene, the denim shirt is definitely re-making a name for itself. Get him to wear it with a jacket, tucked into a pair of washed straight-leg jeans, for a hot winter look.

2. The Classic Go-to and More
Throw away his last season's chinos, linen legwear and sports luxe sweatpants. Denim is dominating the 2015 winter fashion scene!
Wearing his classic, straight-cut Soviet favourites, teamed with an open white shirt, neck scarf and denim shirt (layered, of course) will make him look elegantly rebellious. Get ready for a melt-down…

3. Put a Jacket on It
The leather jacket has been hanging in the background of the fashion industry for a while now, but with so much denim going around, your man should be making it a staple for winter 2015.
Normally quite a casual piece, designers are positioning it as more sophisticated and classy this time round, creating that classic “James Dean”, naughty legend look that all women love. His jacket should be worn with a denim shirt underneath (for extra hotness) and a statement scarf.

4. Keep His Head in the Hoodie
You hate it. He loves it. But this season you can warm his heart with his favourite fashion statement. Keep it more casual with a stylish Soviet Hoodie layered underneath a sexy leather jacket. Remember: as long as he's hot, you'll be warm.

5. Rocking the Road
With denim taking over this season, what better than cotton high-top Chargers (Soviet has added a cool twist to classic high-tops) to show off his beautifully clad body. Get him to rock it with his denims rolled all the way to the cuff to show off the detail.
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