Soviet: Making Blue Jeans Talk

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Soviet: Making Blue Jeans Talk

Your denims have been with you everywhere, from your first bike-ride, your first day at school, your first date, your first kiss, to your first legit rock concert. Nobody can deny that blue jeans are the stuff that memories are made of.

Blue jeans have come a long way from their humble origins to a fashion must-have. In fact, blue jeans have made such an impact on the world-wide culture, that some musicians have felt the need to celebrate the iconic clothing piece in their music. These master pieces of the fashion world have been included in many musical genres over the decades: rock, punk rock, rap, hip-hop, pop…

Here are just 10 of them:

1. Neil Diamond: Forever in Blue Jeans

2. Elton John: Tiny Dancer (“Blue Jean Baby, L.A. Lady)

3. Lana Del Ray: Blue Jeans

4. David Bowie: The Jean Genie

5. The Donnas: Dirty Denim

6. Chingy: Dem Jeans

7. Stevie Nicks: Blue Denim

8. Kid Rock: Blue Jeans and a Rosary

9. Kings of Leon: Taper Jean Girl

10. Flo Rida, T-pain: Apple Bottom Jeans

With the attention-worthy cuts that Soviet has to offer, and a little inspiration from Jennifer Lopes, it's no wonder that a jeans make us want to “shake that ass”.

Next time your favourite radio station is playing, see how many times you can spot the word “jeans” in there. And let us know what your favourite jean-tune is.