Soviet: The Best Service Ever

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 Soviet: The Best Service Ever

Providing top-notch customer service isn’t rocket science. However, good service is as difficult to find as unicorns. Some people are completely oblivious to the benefits of having a team that makes your customers a top priority, thus creating a bigger market share and better bottom line.

When you come across that diamond that not only smiles, but is genuinely happy to assist you in buying the right pair of jeans, we celebrate her in full force.

Kamogelo is one of these precious assets. A sales assistant at Soviet Menlyn, she recently demonstrated the power of excellent service.

“Kamogelo is a well turned out young lady who was courteous and well spoken. She went out of her way to help me with my purchases,” says Ms. Pretorius.

So what are some of the key points of good customer service?

Body Language: For a good overall shopping experience, make sure you smile.
Behave Appropriately: As much as we support being yourself, remember that you are representing a brand, and that brand has a personality. Stay in line with that personality
Exceed All Customer Expectations: Continue to help and assist the customer right until the end of her shopping experience; take time and make effort
Remember Your Colleagues: Good customer service doesn’t only happen on the floor. Remember to show your colleagues the same friendly, helpful personality.

Good customer service is all around us and can be achieved with little effort. Congratulations Kamogelo. Your efforts are the beginning of great things, and we thank you for shining like a star.

Let us know if you’ve experienced exceptional customer service at your Soviet Store.


Soviet Summer '15 Footwear Catalogue

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Soviet Summer '15 Footwear Catalogue

Mens, Ladies and Kids... With the widest selection of style for you feet, you're bound to find find something you love.
210 pages with 750 shoes, there's a pair out there to suit your individual taste.

A peak at some of the pages within the Summer '15 Catalogue:


New Faces of Joburg 2015

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The search for hottest new modeling talent in Gauteng.

"The New Faces of Joburg is Gaschette Magazine’s most successful initiative to date, and helps young and aspiring models to get noticed by the industry. Now in it’s 4th year, the Gaschette New Faces of Joburg has partnered with denim brand Soviet to scout 25 of the hottest talent currently in Johannesburg. Through social media drives on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we asked beautiful people to upload their selfies with the hashtag #NFOJ15 to be considered for a group casting in Johannesburg. Criteria for Top 25 consideration include height and build, charisma and versatility – what we’re looking for are models who can work editorially and commercially, and who show runway potential.

These models are set for grooming and development, they will enjoy coaching from some of the country’s foremost fashion professionals and will be featured in Gaschette Magazine’s forthcoming edition, titled: “Ugly”.   Our judging panel in includes Gaschette Magazine founders Steve Marais, Jess Lupton and Colin O’Mara Davis as well as esteemed creative director and fashion producer, Deon Redman; industry leading make-up artist and Dermalogica brand ambassador Alex Botha; Multi award-winning hairstylist and L’Oreal brand ambassador Saadique Ryklief, consultant and African Fashion stalwart Allana Finley and designer, production and model specialist for African Fashion International Nikki Sher."

Top 25


Soviet’s Super Denim Secrets

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Soviet’s Super Denim Secrets

Jeans are a trusted go-to item in almost everyone's wardrobe. And it's no wonder: they are easy to wear, can be dressed up or down, there is a fit suitable to every body type, and a colour to suit every taste.
However, there are also a few downsides to your perfect pair: Like the fact that you’re not supposed to wash real denim because it will fade or age your jeans. Maybe they are a bit short for your ultra long legs, or they scrunch up when you wear them with boots.

Whatever your problem is, Soviet has a life-hack for every jean-problem you might have:
Rocking Jeans with boots, especially if they aren’t a skinny fit:

1. Put on your slimmest pair of non-skinny jeans. The more fitted they are, the better
2. Fold up the leg of your jean to mid-calf, making sure it is neat and straight
3. Pull the extra material at the back of your leg out and fold it over, making a tight crease
4. If your boots are loose enough, you can fold the leg of your jean one more time, to hold the crease in place
5. However, if you require a tighter fit, slip your thinnest, tightest pair of socks over the leg of your jeans to hold the fold in place. Your socks should cover the entire fold of the leg
6. Finally, put on your boots, making sure that your sock, or the fold of the leg, is not visible

Saving your denims from a holy mess:

1. Check your jeans every now and again for any holes that might be coming. Remember: prevention is better than cure
2. If you have any pre-holes, clear away any frayed warp threads (these are the blue bits that go first, leaving white threads behind)
3. Turn your jeans inside out, in order to sew on the inner-side. This makes patching less visible
4. Straighten the fabric around the hole to ensure the fabric is smooth and wrinkle-free
5. Sew zig-zag patterns back and forth until you reach the desired hole coverage

Mean-free clean jeans:

1. Spot clean stains on your jeans with some soapy water, or vodka
2. Leave to dry completely
3. Fold your jeans twice over
4. Put jeans in a jiffy bag and place in the freezer for 24 hours
5. Thaw and wear – clean and unfaded

A new perspective on an old pair:
If your jeans have big holes, wear a pair of lacy stockings underneath. This will give them quite an interesting look.

If your jeans are too short, or your legs too long, sew a piece of lace at the bottom. This will ad a good 5 cm to your length, and will make your jeans look super sexy.

Dress the right shoes with the right jeans:

1. Wear boots with skinny jeans
2. Fold your jean's legs twice to wear with flats, or wear slouchy, loose jeans with pumps
3. Fold your jean's legs once with booties or ankle boots
4. Always wear platforms with wide-legged jeans. Never flat shoes
5. Wear high-heels with boyfriend jeans

And if you haven't found your perfect fit yet, try Soviet for jeans, denim apparel and footwear. They have wide range of denims, for short and tall people who like loose or tight fitting jeans that last. You're sure to find your favourite pair at Soviet.


20 Reasons Why Your Dad Deserves Denim

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20 Reasons Why Your Dad Deserves Denim
This Father’s Day

He’s been around forever, he’s known for his style, value and his classic smile, and he the first person you go to when you need a smile.Your dad, just like your favourite pair of denims, has been there for you whenever you times have been tough.

Here are 20 reasons why your dad deserves denim this year:

1. He Knows exactly what to say when you freak out
2. He makes the best braai ever
3. He goes out to buy you medicine, whenever you feel sick (no matter how old you are)
4. He takes the most memorable photos at family events
5. He always puts his family first, even if it means taking on side-jobs for extra money so you can have that iPhone you wanted
6. Even though he can’t dance, he is always willing to make a fool of himself to get the party started
7. He always wears his favourite shirt, and doesn’t care what others think, just because he feels comfortable in it
8. He takes you camping and teaches you how to make fire
9. He is the funniest, silliest, most fun guy you will ever know
10. He teaches you how to drive
11. He teaches you useless facts about things you will probably never use
12. He lets you give him a makeover with your mother’s make-up, just because you love it
13. He shows you how to build the tallest block-tower, and then shows you how to do DIY things around the house when you are older
14. He rocks out to old songs that nobody even knows about
15. He has a boring job, doing boring things. But when he thinks nobody is watching, he is as wild as a lion
16. He gets really excited about Christmas, just because he gets to see the happy smile on your face
17. He teaches you to fish, even though you are vegetarian
18. He threatens to kill the boy that broke your heart
19. He goes shopping with you for your matric farewell dress, just so you can have a man’s opinion on how you look
20. He makes sure you are safely in bed at night, and kisses you just to make sure you know you are loved

This Father’s Day, you know he is going to be pulling on his denim and do what he loves best: loving you. So thank him for his unconditional, undying love by getting him a new pair of Soviet Denim’s - you know it is his favourite.


Soviet Youth in Vogue

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Soviet Youth in Vogue

On the morning of 16 June 1976, The Soweto Uprising - a series of protests led by high school students - began. An estimated 20 000 students from numerous Sowetan schools were protesting for their right to receive school education in their mother tongue.

Now, 41 years later, we take a day to celebrate these teens’ bravery to stand up for what they believe in: Real Youngsters, Real Values. And what better way to celebrate individuality like this than in the loud voice of fashion.

With denim taking over the walkways in the fashion capitals of the world, Soviet, a proudly South African brand, takes a moment to look at how you can express yourself through your clothes.

Ripped, flared and totally 70’s:
Yup, those golden oldies your mother used to wear? The ones with all the tears she kept, for some reason?

Vintage-inspired repair and re-stitched detailing is making a major come-back this season. High-rise isn’t going anywhere either, so ask mom nicely if you can borrow her go-to’s. Or, if you would prefer your own pair of classics, try Soviet’s #8 AppleJack Denims.

Skinny Me Jeans:
Skinny jeans have not only become a fashion must-have, it has become the staple denim of every woman’s wardrobe. They are versatile, attractive and so easy to wear to any occasion. Celebrities swear by them, and fashionistas have embraced the with passion. If you don’t have a pair, get Soviet’s #8 Bindi Jeans, with a little detail to make you stand out and pair it with some Chargers and a moto jacket.

Next-level Denim:
Denim is evolving into a next generation material. Everybody is experimenting with new denim technology, amalgamating luxury, comfort and fit. Who doesn’t want the perfect jeans that never loses it shape? Try Soviet’s new range of hybrid Jolt Jeans with elastic technology. They are Jeggings on steroids.

Whatever your cause for celebration, or a little bit of rebellion, this Youth Day, remember to do it in the comfort of your own style, paired with your own voice, and a killer pair of denims.


New Stores Mthatha & Baywest - Watch the ads

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Soviet’s brand new store, opening 25 June 2015, in Mthatha (Eastern Cape).

Watch the ad here:

Soviet Mthatha Opening:

*While Stocks Last

Baywest Store Opening:


Soviet Riot Sale!

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Does winter have you frozen in misery? Well, it is time to get excited with our brilliant display of Fashion!

From 10 June – 31 July 2015, you can get your favourite Soviet fashion items at up to 70% off the original price, including:

- Denim
- Footwear
- Accessories
- Fashion Apparel

Watch the ad here:


5 Reasons You Should Get Your Man in Soviet This Season

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1. Denim Shirts Reinvented
The denim shirt of the 90's has not exactly been the most fashionable item going around. That is, until now...
According to top designers (think Tom Ford), the denim shirt is the latest fashion must-have for men this winter. Taking over the formal scene, the denim shirt is definitely re-making a name for itself. Get him to wear it with a jacket, tucked into a pair of washed straight-leg jeans, for a hot winter look.

2. The Classic Go-to and More
Throw away his last season's chinos, linen legwear and sports luxe sweatpants. Denim is dominating the 2015 winter fashion scene!
Wearing his classic, straight-cut Soviet favourites, teamed with an open white shirt, neck scarf and denim shirt (layered, of course) will make him look elegantly rebellious. Get ready for a melt-down…

3. Put a Jacket on It
The leather jacket has been hanging in the background of the fashion industry for a while now, but with so much denim going around, your man should be making it a staple for winter 2015.
Normally quite a casual piece, designers are positioning it as more sophisticated and classy this time round, creating that classic “James Dean”, naughty legend look that all women love. His jacket should be worn with a denim shirt underneath (for extra hotness) and a statement scarf.

4. Keep His Head in the Hoodie
You hate it. He loves it. But this season you can warm his heart with his favourite fashion statement. Keep it more casual with a stylish Soviet Hoodie layered underneath a sexy leather jacket. Remember: as long as he's hot, you'll be warm.

5. Rocking the Road
With denim taking over this season, what better than cotton high-top Chargers (Soviet has added a cool twist to classic high-tops) to show off his beautifully clad body. Get him to rock it with his denims rolled all the way to the cuff to show off the detail.
We Love our Kicks


New Stores Mthatha & Baywest

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Amalgamate your sense of rebellion with your undeniable sense of fashion.

Experience excitement with Soviet’s brand new store, opening 25 June 2015, in Mthatha (Eastern Cape) and Baywest Mall (Port Elizabeth) 25 July 2015

Dressed to the 9’s, our new shop has been put together in a look and feel that fits our new brand perfectly. You’ll love it, almost as much as you love our denims, shoes and accessories.

Our quality apparel will be accompanied by quality OPENING SPECIALS*, so bring your friends and celebrate fashion with us.

*while stocks last

Baywest Store Opening on the 25th of June 2015.