Getting Scarily Sexy with Soviet

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Getting Scarily Sexy with Soviet

It’s the month of the scare, but what is really scary are all the corny halloween costumes out there. And, because the store-bought costumes are popular (and expensive), you can’t even be guaranteed to draw any attention.

If you want to stand out in a crowd of zombies and sex-kittens, take a look closer to home. So close, in fact, you can look in your own closet.

That’s right, instead of a plastic costume you’ll only wear once, grab your Soviet Jeans and create a jean-inspired halloween look, with minimum effort.

Here are a few denim-inspired ideas:

1. Marty McFly from Back to the Future:
You’ll need a plaid, one-pocket shirt, a trucker jacket (a red one), a denim jacket, straight-legged jeans and a pair of white high-tops.

2. Where’s Wally:
You’ll need a red and white striped t-shirt, a red and white striped beanie, black-rimmed glasses and a pair of slim-fit jeans with black boots. A puppy is optional.
3. Joan Jett:
You’ll need a black leather jacket, black slim-fit jeans, black eyeliner, a black choker and a black grunge-style wig. Oh, don’t forget the bad-ass attitude.
4.  Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell
You’ll need a red t-shirt, frightfully coloured bomber jacket, relaxed fit jeans and high-tops. Get yourself a blonde wig, or style your hair boy-band style.
5. Rosie the Riveter
You’ll need a Western denim shirt (sleeves rolled up, of course), boot-cut jeans, red and white polka dot bandana and red lipstick.
5. Daisy Duke
You’ll need as little as possible, apparently. Just kidding, get some cut-off denims (preferably high-risers), a plaid Western shirt and Cowboy boots. Tease your hair and pair with a flirty smile.
6. James Dean in Rebel Without  a Cause
You’ll need a white t-shirt, any jeans you feel sexu in (roll the legs up twice) a red jacket and loads of hair gel for a slick hair-look.
7. Steve Urkel from Family Matters
You’ll need a brightly coloured button-down shirt, a check cardigan, skinny jeans, suspenders and a thick pair of glasses. Roll up your jeans and push up your glasses. That’s it Steve, you’ve got it!

Head down to your nearest Soviet store to see how you can put together to perfect halloween costume that will work every day of the year.