1 Jean: 5 Looks

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1 Jean: 5 Looks

First crocks, then baggy pants that barely cover your knees… Some fashion trends have really pushed the limits, while other have crossed the line into forbidden territory.

But the one thing that never goes out of fashion is a great pair of jeans. Classic, flexible and completely gorgeous (especially Soviet’s range of Jeans and denim apparel), you can always rely on your jeans to see you through any fashion situation.

We look at 5 ways you can dress your favourite jeans to suit any occasion:

1. Pair your jeans with a bright coloured top and some matching pumps for a fun summer look that you can wear to a braai, or to the mall with your friends.

2. Get inspired by the “boyfriend” look. Don a plain white button-up shirt with denim jacket to get a semi-formal look that is perfect for casual-Friday at work, or dinner with the in-laws.

3. Feeling hot in the warm weather? Look just as hot with a midriff-bearing button-up that has been tied up. The look is as fun as it is dashing, so you can wear it to the beach, or to the rugby with the girls.

4. Add your favourite formal top and jacket to your favourite jeans and you’re ready to go on that all important first date. It’s a bit more formal, but still shows your fun, chilled side.

5. It’s a girls’ night out at the clubs. Pull on your blues and pair it with a glittery tank for a super funky, sexy look that will get you all the right glances from all the right guys. Don’t forget the gorgeous heels.