Blogging Beauty

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Blogging Beauty

We all read them. In fact, you’re reading one right now. Regularly updated by a person sharing their experiences, observations and opinion, blogging is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing forms of communication in any industry. An online trend that isn’t going anywhere.

One of the favourite topics for blogging is fashion. every 37 seconds a new blogging site is created to discuss new trends, old favourites, advice and style tips. Soviet looks at some of the best blogs available in South Africa:

1. Lipgloss Is My Life: Her total obsession with everything to do with lips is evident on this site. Leigh van den Berg does everything from revealing and reviewing new beauty products to giving excellent style tips. Gloss it up with with this blog.

2. Style Guide Cape Town: Now, if you want real good, celebrity-inspired fashion updates and advice, this is the blog you want to visit. Fashion and the stars of the world is Robin Cooke’s oxygen. She tells it like it is, with a twist of humour. It’s no wonder this is one of South Africa’s favourite blogs.

3. Style Diary: A beautifully personalised blog where you’ll find all things beauty and fashion-related. Carla Fourie covers trends, fashion finds and outfit combinations inspired from high-street to home-worn items.

4. Miss Molly: Molly Kieser has the world at her Louboutin-clad feet. For realsies. A fashion merchandiser by day, and a designer by night, Molly goes across the world (including New York and Seoul) to find the latest trends and fashions that any fashion-lover would love to get her hands on. Molly’s blogs range from industry magazines, travel, fashion events to tips and trends.

5. According to Jerri: Not all fashionistas have to be female. Jerri Mokgofe fills his blogs with interesting and fashionable faces, as well as exciting fashionable moments from all over South Africa. Finally, a man that understands our fashion needs!

6. The Brett Robson Blog: Already a winner of “The Best Fashion Blog Award”, Brett’s fashion genius is indisputable. She showcases a unique, personalised talent for finding and matching fashionable outfits. Brett takes her passion for fashion all over the world, making her blog a traveling trendsetter.

7. Kim Gray: With a more sophisticated flair, and a brand collaborator of note, Kim Gray expresses her love for passion in a very unique way. Look out for competitions and local brands on her blog.

8. Miss Milli B: With a truly South African approach, MIss B keeps her posts funky, hip and cool. Her blogs include happening topics like fashion shoots, lookbooks, local designers, hairstyles and beauty. If you are looking for true, vibrant South African fashion, look no further.

9. FashionJazz: This is one of South Africa’s favourite fashion fixes. Entrepreneur and stylist, Jasna Zellerhoff, employees a sophisticated style to bring us news on the latest industry trends. Going for more than just fashion, she also includes lifestyle trends, food blogs and interior design news. Ms. Zellerhoff definitely has a passion for all things beautiful, and she shares this boundless enthusiasm in style.

10 iFashion: iFashion takes fashion to a whole other level. As a lover of locals, this informative style-site has a comprehensive directory of contacts for accessories, beauty, events, education, training, jobs, designers, wholesalers and more. The site promotes local designers’ work, even featuring a section that will help you start your own fashion label. If you’re looking at learning the trade, then here is your best chance of keeping up with the industry.

Whether it is for entertainment, or just to get some tips on how to wear your favourite Soviet jeans and denim apparel, visit these sites for the latest trends and happenings in the ever-changing, ever-rocking fashion world.