Stylish in Soviet

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Stylish in Soviet

Jeans, t-shirts and your worn-out, tattered pair of sneakers… There’s nothing that beats the casual, comfortable reputation of your favourite denim.
But with the changing attitude towards denim, more and more people are finding the best-of-both worlds in this traditionally casual fashion legend. Company attire, interviews, formal events: denim has not only become acceptable, it is expected.
However, there are a few rules to what you pair denim with to keep it glamorous. They might be comfortable, but they still have to be formal.
  1. Add a formal jacket: Blazers and suit jackets are the definition of formal attire, and can make your whole ensemble look very classy. Pair it with plain tank underneath (for women), or a collared shirt (for men) and formal shoes. Remember to button up, except for the last button - just to add some old-fashioned protocol.
  2. Wear tall boots: With its sophisticated look, and close similarities to trousers, dark blue denims are the easiest way to accessorise for a formal look. Wear them with tan or black knee-high leather boots and a simple outfit for a model-chic look.
  3. Statement shoes: Every girl knows that the right shoes can make an outfit right.. Wear a pair of eye-catching, breath-taking high heels and you are set to go. Besides, people will be too busy admiring your shoes to worry about the rest of your outfit.
  4. Lacy Tracy: Old-fashioned has never been so modern with lace taking over the fashion scene. Mix a vintage-styled top with modern comfort for a fashion forward formal look. Wear a nude cami underneath so you don’t put attention on the wrong aspect of the lace.
  5. Jewel it up: Pull a Marriah and pile on the jewels. Dress up your dark blue denims by layering on strands of ribbon-wrapped pearls, African beads or diamond ice. You can mix bracelets, necklaces and earrings as you please. More is more in this case. Just keep the jewels of similar materials and different lengths.
  6. Winter Wow: It’s the cold season, and staying warm is top priority right now. Keep yourself warm and classy by wearing a substantial sweater coat over a crewneck sweater and cropped denims. Avoid extra bulk by highlighting your waist with a cute belt.
  7. Glitter & Glow: Nothing says formal like a sparkly sexy look. Glam up basic black denim by accessorising with a sequin tank or blingy top. Layer with a boyfriend blazer and you are ready to shine.

While all this formal is taking over our closets, remember to stay true to yourself. Also, remember that your Soviet apparel is not only easy to glam up, it is also still comfortable, trendy and sexy in anything you decide to pair it with.

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