The Art of Winter Fashion:

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Mastering the art of fashion isn't always an easy feat... Especially when leading up to the winter season. There are those many awkward days when you aren’t quite sure how the weather might turn out. Thankfully, you can turn to Soviet Denim for some seasonal fashion pointers on how to beat the changing days with style.

Layers - Your new best friend at this time of year. They give you the opportunity to pile on or shrug off depending on the chill factor and nothing looks better than a pair of skinny jeans paired with a vest and a sexy leather jacket draped over your shoulders. Accessorize that with a printed scarf and beanie if it’s extra chilly!

Neutral Colours - Make sure you have enough of these in your wardrobe; this will help when trying to change up and soften your darker winter colour palette.  Camel coloured boots, white shirts, cardigans and khaki jeans are the perfect neutral clothing staples to own in the months ahead.

Florals and stripes can bring a little spring to your step on chilly days, so go ahead and pair a long floral skirt with a polar neck or a striped top and a some sexy jeggings.

Contrasting textures - Are everything this time of year. When you combine lightweight textures like silks, light weight skirts and flowy tops with heavier textures like denim jeans or leather jackets you achieve the perfect contrast. Maintaining the look correctly, you're never caught looking too frumpy and overwhelming in thick items, but have the perfect balance of both.

New clothes - Especially Winter clothes can be rather pricey due to the warmer garments being heavier and needing that extra bit of material. That said, try to pair your Summer clothes with your Winter clothes... Some good examples would be to couple ripped Summer boyfriend jeans with black  leggings underneath for extra warmth, or team up a funky printed t-shirt with a long sleeve plain top.

There are many ways to get creative with this and in doing so save cash!

For all your winter fashion needs head over to one of our many Soviet Denim stores or shop online with Zando. We have recently launched our new Soviet Denim Winter 2016 campaign and there is a lot to choose from in this seasons collection.


Soviet Denim & the Miss SA Finalists make magic together.

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Friday 12th February, Soviet Denim got the opportunity and privilege to work with 12 beautiful and amazing South African Women. The Miss SA Finalists of 2016.
We spent the afternoon and the early hours of the evening with the girls, finding out who they are, what they love, being creative and ultimately getting down and dirty with them while doing a crazy colour burst photo shoot.
I’ve honestly never seen a more energetic lovely bunch of ladies in my life, so eager to participate and go crazy with us! I luckily also got to sit down with the girls and chat about their overall Miss SA experience and ask them just what makes Soviet Denim such an awesome brand to be a part of...

When asked what they enjoyed most about their Miss SA experience, they all immediately  responded with “ The Friendships”.  These girls have spent many months together since last year August and have all become extremely close, much like sisters. The girls also found that over this period of time they have grown immensely, becoming stronger as individuals, and have overcome many difficult challenges.
The ladies also had some fantastic advice for any girl who would want to be in their shoes next year as a Miss SA 2017 finalist. Their biggest piece of advice is to stay true to yourself and remember “you are perfect”.  They also feel that preparation is very important; you need to grab every opportunity and network with as many people as you can.

So girls, if you do all of the above you’re sure to succeed and shine!

When I asked the Finalists how they feel about Soviet Denims involvement in Miss SA and what their favorite Soviet Denim item was, they only had wonderful things to say about the brand. Firstly their favorite garment was obviously the super comfy Soviet Denim skinny jeans which the girls were flaunting on set that day.  The ladies also voiced that the brand was extremely fashion forward, hip, cool, trendy and above all one of the best denim labels in SA. AAahhh girls, you make us blush.
Finally the ladies gave us an idea of what quality’s they think make a great spokesperson for a brand. “In essence you need to become the brand” said the girls, authentically loving the brand as well as taking on the values of the brand and incorporating them into your own values… Well we couldn’t agree more.

We had such an incredible time with these ladies and we cannot wait to work with them again.  Watch this space for more info and pics on what happened on this incredible shoot, we can assure you it gets crazy colourful up in here!


A Perfect Relationship...

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“My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude” 
Warsan Shire


It’s not a word I have been overly familiar with in my life. It’s not a word that has been readily accepted in my family, either.

Coming from a traditional Afrikaans family, marriage and children has always been the ultimate goal. You could be a doctor, a business owner, a street sweeper. As long as you attach yourself to another human being, then you are considered successful.

Following this mandate, I started looking for my “significant other” from a very young age. Blinded by the idea of love, and motivated by the quest to achieve my purpose in life, I got married way too young. I thought it would be like a “Fifty Shades of Grey” love story, and I believed that I would finally be whole.

4 years later reality struck: I was a young divorce that was brought back to earth very hard. After 10 years of being in a relationship, I found myself alone. I thought I would fall apart. What now? Where now? Who am I?

However, the truth is that I finally found the silence to ask the right questions. What happened to me during those years? What did I become, and what did I achieve for myself? How do I survive on my own? What do I do to pass the time? But the most important question was this: why not enjoy being alone when you have the opportunity?

Now, after more than a year of being on my own, I can finally proclaim to the world - and my family - I am embracing the single life.

I can spend time doing exactly what I want to do. I can watch soapies at night, because I like seeing John Black come back to life...again. I can have a smoothie for dinner, or go to a club in the middle of the week - then come home late and finish a bottle of wine. I can walk around naked, singing Alanis Morissette as loudly as I want.

I have also found some other benefits to embracing the single life:

No compromising: You can do whatever you want, without having to consider pleasing somebody else’s needs. That’s right. You don’t have to give anything up, or let anything go. Indulge in being yourself and doing what makes you happy.

No explanation: Not only can you do what you want, but you can do it with no constraint and without having to explain why, where, when, why and how much.

No guilt: In relationships we often give up our own happiness in order to ensure our partner’s permanent smile. In singlehood, you don’t have to feel bad about being selfish and taking care of your own happiness first. “You” comes before “Your”.

Finding yourself: People often lose their own identity when entering into a serious relationship. This is natural - “you” becomes “we”, everything is shared and compromises are made to nurture a lasting relationship. But when you are single, it is your time to shine. Take all the credit, try things your ex would have hated and spend more time doing the things that defines who you are.

Emotional independence: Learn how to let your emotions go, how to keep your emotions in, and to just have emotions without having to explain or justify them. Singles don't have to explain why they feel happy, sad, angry, tired, moody, crabby or frustrated to anyone. Feel free to feel every emotion you have inside of you and not have to respond to anyone else about them.

These days, I like to don my Soviet jeans and viper shoes (my jeans fit so much better now that I have time to go to gym) and go walk around the local market (my ex hated this as he thought it was too dangerous). I go to some cheesy clubs on a Saturday night, wearing my beautiful heels and shortest Soviet dress, because I don’t have a guy telling me I look inappropriate. I do shopping whenever I want, for girly decor and pink slushies.

And this is just what I like to do. Decide what your own list is, and then do whatever your heart desires and everything you need to do to get to know yourself. Learn everything you can—the ins and outs of your personality, every little idiosyncrasy. Embrace being alone, without feeling lonely. Try having the perfect relationship… with yourself.


A Cosmo Collaboration

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Soviet spends the night in seriously sexy company.

New Year. New Calendar. And 12 reasons to go to the sexiest party of the year.
On 28 January 2016, Soviet celebrated 12 of South Africa’s hottest men at Cosmo’s launch of the annual Cosmo Man Calendar.

With the classic French decor, and the red and black colouring of the Movida Nightclub in Rivonia, Soviet welcomed guests from all walks of life to a night of sultry seduction. The entrance hosted beautiful celebrities, delicious welcome cocktails and two photo-booths where guests could memorise their evening with polarized pictures taken of themselves.


Dressed to impress, guests arrived in casually elegant and elegantly classic attire. From high heels and sexy jeans to suits, cocktail dresses garnished in bulky necklaces, and African-diva looks, the door was opened to everybody illuminating sex-appeal.

Inside, the upmarket club was divided in two sections: Gordon’s Dry Gin on one side, and Soviet Denim Apparel on the other. Each section hosted a bar with beautiful ladies dressed in black and red, serving guests. Filled to the brim with beautiful people, the vibe and energy was definitely tantalising tempting and alluring.

At 19:10, the club heated up even more when the stage was filled with local dancers showing off their chiseled bodies and rhythmic talent in a display of lights and throbbing music. The show included a special Magic Mike performance as a treat for the ladies, enticing an audience of women wanting more.

Bonang Matheba, dressed in a beautiful jumpsuit to show off her fantastic figure, acted as MC for the evening and introduced most of the Cosmo Calendar men on stage. Guests were privy to the models showing off their enviable bodies - without shirts - during the Sexy Man Fashion show, and by the end of the night, Mr. July was announced as Cosmo’s Sexiest Man of the Year. Winning R10 000 in cash, many ladies in the audience were disappointed to find out that Andries Potgieter was a taken man; and taken by a beautiful blonde lady, at that. (Hint: Sean Tucker is still available, ladies - and apparently his mother is a very sweet and proud lady).

After the show, guests had their complimentary Cosmo Magazines signed by their favourite models, followed by a night of dancing, drinking, music and Soviet. Definitely a night for the history books, we look forward to seeing these guys every day, for the rest of the year, dressed in Soviet apparel.