Soviet Denim & the Miss SA Finalists make magic together.

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Friday 12th February, Soviet Denim got the opportunity and privilege to work with 12 beautiful and amazing South African Women. The Miss SA Finalists of 2016.
We spent the afternoon and the early hours of the evening with the girls, finding out who they are, what they love, being creative and ultimately getting down and dirty with them while doing a crazy colour burst photo shoot.
I’ve honestly never seen a more energetic lovely bunch of ladies in my life, so eager to participate and go crazy with us! I luckily also got to sit down with the girls and chat about their overall Miss SA experience and ask them just what makes Soviet Denim such an awesome brand to be a part of...

When asked what they enjoyed most about their Miss SA experience, they all immediately  responded with “ The Friendships”.  These girls have spent many months together since last year August and have all become extremely close, much like sisters. The girls also found that over this period of time they have grown immensely, becoming stronger as individuals, and have overcome many difficult challenges.
The ladies also had some fantastic advice for any girl who would want to be in their shoes next year as a Miss SA 2017 finalist. Their biggest piece of advice is to stay true to yourself and remember “you are perfect”.  They also feel that preparation is very important; you need to grab every opportunity and network with as many people as you can.

So girls, if you do all of the above you’re sure to succeed and shine!

When I asked the Finalists how they feel about Soviet Denims involvement in Miss SA and what their favorite Soviet Denim item was, they only had wonderful things to say about the brand. Firstly their favorite garment was obviously the super comfy Soviet Denim skinny jeans which the girls were flaunting on set that day.  The ladies also voiced that the brand was extremely fashion forward, hip, cool, trendy and above all one of the best denim labels in SA. AAahhh girls, you make us blush.
Finally the ladies gave us an idea of what quality’s they think make a great spokesperson for a brand. “In essence you need to become the brand” said the girls, authentically loving the brand as well as taking on the values of the brand and incorporating them into your own values… Well we couldn’t agree more.

We had such an incredible time with these ladies and we cannot wait to work with them again.  Watch this space for more info and pics on what happened on this incredible shoot, we can assure you it gets crazy colourful up in here!