The Art of Winter Fashion:

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Mastering the art of fashion isn't always an easy feat... Especially when leading up to the winter season. There are those many awkward days when you aren’t quite sure how the weather might turn out. Thankfully, you can turn to Soviet Denim for some seasonal fashion pointers on how to beat the changing days with style.

Layers - Your new best friend at this time of year. They give you the opportunity to pile on or shrug off depending on the chill factor and nothing looks better than a pair of skinny jeans paired with a vest and a sexy leather jacket draped over your shoulders. Accessorize that with a printed scarf and beanie if it’s extra chilly!

Neutral Colours - Make sure you have enough of these in your wardrobe; this will help when trying to change up and soften your darker winter colour palette.  Camel coloured boots, white shirts, cardigans and khaki jeans are the perfect neutral clothing staples to own in the months ahead.

Florals and stripes can bring a little spring to your step on chilly days, so go ahead and pair a long floral skirt with a polar neck or a striped top and a some sexy jeggings.

Contrasting textures - Are everything this time of year. When you combine lightweight textures like silks, light weight skirts and flowy tops with heavier textures like denim jeans or leather jackets you achieve the perfect contrast. Maintaining the look correctly, you're never caught looking too frumpy and overwhelming in thick items, but have the perfect balance of both.

New clothes - Especially Winter clothes can be rather pricey due to the warmer garments being heavier and needing that extra bit of material. That said, try to pair your Summer clothes with your Winter clothes... Some good examples would be to couple ripped Summer boyfriend jeans with black  leggings underneath for extra warmth, or team up a funky printed t-shirt with a long sleeve plain top.

There are many ways to get creative with this and in doing so save cash!

For all your winter fashion needs head over to one of our many Soviet Denim stores or shop online with Zando. We have recently launched our new Soviet Denim Winter 2016 campaign and there is a lot to choose from in this seasons collection.