Surf, Sun and Soviet

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Plettenberg Bay - Over 15 000 beach-goers and youngsters take over the small Western Cape town to attend Southern Africa’s largest student festival 

On 28 November 2015 the longest running, and perhaps the largest student festival in the Southern Hemisphere, PlettRage, officially started. With over 15 000 students descending on the small town of Plettenberg Bay, this Summer bash promised to be a non-stop party for all involved.

With temperatures running up to 39°C, some of South Africa’s hottest talent in music and fantastic sponsors to add extra flair to the party, it is no wonder that the Ragers took to the fun with high energy vibes and made the PlettRage festival the time of their lives.

Major sponsors, including 4th Street, Red Bull, Flying Fish and Brutal Fruit, added to the fun with various activation events. The festival was split into day and night activities. Day-time action concentrated at Central Beach, with Ragers cruising around town or lazing on the beach. Night-time jamming held at the VIP Superclub allowed the young adults to let loose and dance to the beats of the younger generation.

Soviet, the exclusive clothing sponsor for the event, spared no cost or effort to ensure that Ragers would have the time of their lives. With branded giveaways, prizes, social media interaction and so much more, Soviet has definitely set the scene for Summer at PlettRage2015. Included in Soviet’s contribution was a beach tent where beach-goers could chill-out to some live music, including The Kiffness, Iscream and the Chocolate Stix and Grimehouse. Soviet highlights also included:

The Soviet Denim #PlettRage2015 Billboard:

Knowing the pain of hot sand beneath your feet, especially when you’re trying to look cool, Soviet opened the festival with a giant Billboard covered in branded slops - your fashion necessity for walking tall on the beach. Ragers could enter the billboard area by interacting with Soviet via Social Media (uploading a photo on Instagram or tweeting about the brand). Once inside, each person could grab a pair of slops and go enjoy the day. 600 Pairs of slops later, and the board proudly revealed a welcoming message to all Ragers.

The Soviet Exchange Mobile Van:

PlettRage2015 consisted of more than just one location, including Central Beach and Rage Village. In order to reach all Ragers, throughout Plettenberg Bay, Soviet employed a branded, classic VW Mini Van (symbolising the age of the company, and the classic status of a good pair of jeans) to drive around the town and to offer a unique experience for Ragers. By playing music, taking photos and Social Media Interaction, Soviet set the vibe all around town.

The Soviet Red Carpet Event:

Treating everybody like first-class celebrities, the trendy denim brand held a Soviet Red Carpet Event. The Soviet Denim Carpet was rolled out at the entrance of the VIP Superclub where Ragers could take part in a photo-op. Fun props were provided to spice up and customise their experience, with photos uploaded to Social Media the very next day. The best photo of the night was awarded with a branded Soviet Voucher.

Soviet Sexy Spotter:

Soviet Sexy Spotters were seen roaming all over the festival. Any Rager spotted in Soviet gear was photographed with the pic uploaded to Social Media the next day. Some Ragers received drinks or clothing vouchers for being spotted.

With so much energy and fun, Soviet will be seen again next year, when the festival will be held at a bigger, better venue. Soviet thanks all Ragers for their participation in the event.