Fashion Fails for Him

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Usually they look like dreams that have come to life, or male models straight off the catwalk. But here is proof that some of our favourite celebrity boys also sometimes have a fashion faux pas.

David Beckham: 

Footballer, Vogue model, husband of probably the most popular spice-girl in the world, and fashion fool? Although David Beckham has every reason in the world to always look fabulous, he’s missed the mark a few times. In 1999, he arrived at the Versace Fashion Show in London wearing a Gucci black leather biker suit. Nah Becks, that’s best left for Victoria.

Simon Cowell: 

Finally! Here’s our chance to inflict the same rude, nasty behaviour on the music mogul from England. Simon, your expertise in the music business is incredible. But so is your ability to look like a complete idiot in jeans. High rise, extra long legs and no shirt? Really?!

Brad Pitt: 

An actor since 1987, and one of the most beautiful men since the start of his career, Brad has pretty much nailed looking good. But every now-and-again good ol’ Brad doesn’t hit the nail on the head. With an offish-green tie, an offish-green jacket that somehow doesn’t match the tie and a funny mustache crawling across his face, Mr. Pitt has shown that Angelina married him for his personality.

Gordon Ramsey: 

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen? Well, Mr. Ramsey, if you can’t cut the hair, leave the scissors alone. Gordon Ramsey was spotted rocking this funny-looking-wig-mishap when he hit the shops in London. This was an epic fail for a trend that is hard to mess up. And he did it twice?!

Shia LaBeouf:

What do you do when fame goes to your head? Well, you transform your head into probably the greatest fashion faux pas in the history of celebrities. In order to prove a point, or to prevent sunburn, Mr. LaBeouf sported a simple suit and a brown paper bag stating “I am not famous anymore” to a well-publicised red carpet event in 2014. Who knows what he was thinking, or even if he was thinking.

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