Your Fashion BFF

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Your Fashion BFF
When your parents don’t understand you, your boyfriend hates you, your hair doesn’t look like it is supposed to, there is always that special element that helps you pick up your bad mood and take on the world with gusto.
Yes, we know. Your Soviet Apparel will always be your Fashion BFF, but with Friendship being officially celebrated on 30 July (who knew?), we decided to look at a few famous BFF’s that have stood the test of time:
Busy Philipps & Michelle Williams:
Besties since the days of Dawson’s Creek, these two blondes are inseparable. Busy also matched-up her friend with former byfriend, Jason Segel. Now that’s a BFF.
Katy Perry & Robert Pattinson:
Wait, what?! No wonder K-Stew couldn’t keep the gorgeous guy - his bestie is the gorgeous Katy Perry. Proving that guys and girls can be “just friends”, the two have been seen spending a lot of time together in L.A. and partying at Coachella.
Zach Galifianakis & Bradley Cooper:
It takes serious friendship to make a movie like “The Hangover”. Which is why Zach and Bradley were such an awesome combination in the very successful movie. Friends way before the fact, Bradley even appeared on Zach’s short-live VH1 talk show, Late World.
Minka Kelly & Mandy Moore:
BFF’s since 2007, these two beauties are such close friends, they might as well be sisters!
Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock:
Another opposite-sex BFF couple that were each other’s support during heartbreak. Sandra and Ryan formed their strong bond on the set of The Proposal, and have been part of each other’s life ever since. But really, who wouldn’t want to be Ryan’s BFF?
Charlize Theron & Kristen Stewart:
Friendship knows no age. Legendary actress Charlize Theron and newbie Kristen Stewart has proven this with their unlikely friendship. While filming “Snow White and the Huntsman” in 2013, the evil queen and her beautiful nemesis broke all rules and became good friends.
Kelly Osborne & Miley Cyrus:
The two controversial celebrity princesses of two very controversial 80’s musicians: what were the chances that they weren’t going to be besties. Kelly and Miley discovered their unbreakable friendship on the set of their straight-to-dvd movie “So Undercover”.
Taylor Swift & Emma Stone:
Two of Hollywood’s favourite acts; one close friendship. Taylor and Emma met 6 years ago at a Hollywood’s Award Show. Since then their love for each other has blossomed, and now they see each other more than sisters than friends.
Drew Barrymore & Cameron Diaz:
Charlie means nothing when it comes to the love these two have for each other. Friends since before Charlie’s Angel first movie in 2000, these two have attended each other’s weddings and spend as much time with one another as possible.
Matt Damon & Ben Affleck:
These two are more than BFF’s. They are soulmates. Friends since childhood, these two have shared everything, including a screenwriting Oscar. Matt and Ben are the definition of a lasting bromance.

Embrace the Celebrity BFF love with your Fashion BFF. Your Soviet Denims will always make you look good, feel better and shine like a superstar!