When You’re Not 20 Anymore...

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When You’re Not 20 Anymore...

Fashion evolves on a daily basis. What was hot and happening 6 years ago, is the subject of many jokes today. It’s hard to keep up when you’re in your 20’s. But a woman in her 30’s has to contend with changing fashion, as well as a change in how she expresses herself through clothing.
From elevating careers, expanding families, evolving body shapes, things change when you enter your 30’s. And your style should follow:

  1. 1. A Fit that Fits Your Shape: Mutton dressed as lamb is no joke in the fashion industry. Looking like you’ve tried to hard to be young is the worst thing you can do to yourself. The rule is simple: If it doesn’t make you look incredible, leave it be. 

  1. 2. Dress in what makes you feel comfortable: There’s at least one occasion in your life where you’ve had to dress in something that makes somebody else feel comfortable, but leaves your hair standing up. From 30 onwards, you no longer have to take it. With the exception of the workplace, dress what makes you feel good, and what reflects your true style.

  1. 3. Replace Your Go-to’s: Remember that tiny little denim skirt that worked on every occasion? Yeah, we’re cringing too… Now that you have the cash, upgrade your basic clothing items, like jeans, leggings and black pants. You’ll look more expensive, and you know you can always rely on this item in any situation.

  1. 4. The ol’ Switcharoo: In your 20’s, there were view things that mattered less than what you were going to wear Friday night. Now you have to make an impression of a different kind. Make sure your style complements your career choice: you want people to take you seriously, not take you to a pub…

  1. 5. Never Give Up: You aren’t getting old, you are evolving. And this means getting better at taking risks. You don’t have to be boring when you get older; this is your chance to take informe, calculated risks. So risk ahead, lady of fashion

As you move into your 30’s, you’ll likely have a little more disposable income to spend on fashion. We recommend upgrading the items you love most to higher quality versions. You’ll look more expensive, and you already know you’ll wear the item all the time.