The Device

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The Winter 2015 range is ready to hit the shelves and we have created an authentic and truely Soviet device that encapsulates the range. 

The Scissors represents the hand crafted quality and carefully tailored clothes that Soviet has made. 
The Needle captures our attention to detail and how each item has been crafted with care.

Circle's traditionally hold people together in an eternal loop. While Soviet strives to keep people at its heart, this circle also represents our continuos quality.

Est. 1987 illustrates our authority on timeless tried and tested authentic clothing. 

Our Real People, Real Denim motto stands to represent how we hold people at the forefront of the brand, while our raw and authentic denim is the pillar of Soviet's success. 
Winter 2015 is about the Now, The Present and Living in this moment while it lasts. 
Together these elements create this W15 device. A sleek and sophisticated representation of how Soviet maintains its raw authentic appeal while keeping quality and customer at the forefront of its brand.