W15 Characters

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This business professional is confident while working the 8-5, but her naughty side appears from 6 to the dawn of the new sun. 

Racing through her day in chic denim style meeting in coffee shops or around a boardroom table, she works hard to be a success. 

Woman stare with envy and men just stare.

He wakes at 5 to work at 7. 

Woman swoon over him and men want to be him!

His hands are always dirty but the smell of motor oil and the sound of firing up his engine keep him sane, because come 5pm... 

...He is free. 

With a motto like 

"Stop! Listen! Now Rock and Roll" 

people cant help but stare. 

Followed by whispered stories behind his tattoos, his music does all the talking and his style is the envy of every passer by. 

Hidden deep within the folds of the city his music demands attention and the night calls him. 

She doesn't even blink at what society thinks.

She would love to share a burger with you, just before she drinks you under the table. 

A wild child traveling on her bike, looking hip. Keeping stylish and looking free. 

She could be in the park, reading a book but always longs for the night. 

Class may have started at 8 but he only woke up at 9. Who cares? He wasn't going anyway.

With his bulldog George he cruises the city, absorbing the sunshine and exploring new spaces. 

He may be waiting for his friends to get off work but what he is really waiting for is the night.