Soviet Kids Shoot '14

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Today we went to Maboneng Precinct to do our Soviet Summer Collection 2014 kids shoot. We had the pleasure of photographing the little superstars; Karla, James, Camryn and Ryley. They were absolute winners on set and what a successful shoot we all had.

We used the beautiful backdrop of the Arts On Main building. Surrounded by olive trees, face-brick walls and the shell of 1960 classic car.

Thanks also goes out to the great photographer, George Rabe - what a champ!

Keep your eye out for the launch of the kids summer range.


Soviet Denim - New Website

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We have launched our new website! With regards to the new Summer Collection campaign that we shot a month ago, we have decided to stick with the look and feel as our design.

Real People, Real Denim is the new journey we have taken. It is our single defining moment. We are pushing new boundaries and we can see that in our new Summer Collection.

On the newly improved website, we have taken the consumer on a journey. A journey of simplicity, originality and creativity. All these elements are what define our new look, from wearing the clothes, to our Soviet Denim stores, to billboards and then finally to our website.

Experience the voyage.


Music: The December Streets

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In case you have been living under a rock and have never heard of The December Streets, well then, we feel sorry for you. 

These guys have blasted onto the music scene with awesomeness and talent. The band is a 5 piece and consists of, Tristan Coetzee - Vocals/Guitar, Nico van Loggerenberg - Lead Guitar, Gideon Meyer - Bass/Sax, Waldo Boshoff - Trumpet and Corneil Clasen - Drums. 

We are proud sponsors of the band and we couldn't be more proud of the success these guys are having. 

The bands new single, 'Stay By Me' is number one on Tuks FM charts and number eight on MFM charts. 

You can download their new single right here on iTunes.

On top of all the exposure the guys have been receiving, BOS Ice Tea made a cool video for their summer campaign in Antwerp and used the track, 'So Fine' by The December Streets.

The December Streets are now nearing closer to their release of their second single, titled 'This Is Ours' and here you can watch a little teaser video.


Soviet Denim : The Makeover

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Last week Friday morning we had our guest arrive at the Soviet HQ for his makeover. We at Soviet Denim will be giving one lucky customer the opportunity for a makeover. Before we started we sat down with our guest and asked him a few questions.

Soviet DenimMorning and welcome to the Soviet Denim HQ, before we get started, tell us who you are and what is it that you do for a living?

Morne vd W: My name is Morne Van Der Westhuisen and I am a Service Delivery Manager in the IT/Retail industry.

Soviet Denim: Why did you choose Soviet Denim to have a makeover?

Morne: It is a difficult one, I wanted to break away from the standard church look going to work, I wanted something a little bit more newer and trendy however still within the limits of our dress code at work.

Soviet Denim: What clothing brand have you been wearing and do you wear these clothes because you have been told to wear them/like it/or budget constraints?

Morne: It is a budget thing that limits one to wearing a certain brand. I have in the recent past, as far as jeans go, worn Levis and Guess. I chose Soviet Denim because I have been impressed with the great quality for the price you pay.

Soviet Denim: Have you purchased Soviet Denim clothes prior to this makeover?

Morne: I have yes, a pair of Soviet Denim jeans.

Soviet Denim: I think the one question on everyone's mind is, were you put under pressure to change the way you looked by loved ones/friends or was it a decision you made on your own?

Morne: I was more influenced to have a makeover because I look a lot older than what I actually am (33).

Keep an eye out on our website and Facebook page for more details on how you can have a Soviet Denim makeover.