Soviet Denim : The Makeover

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Last week Friday morning we had our guest arrive at the Soviet HQ for his makeover. We at Soviet Denim will be giving one lucky customer the opportunity for a makeover. Before we started we sat down with our guest and asked him a few questions.

Soviet DenimMorning and welcome to the Soviet Denim HQ, before we get started, tell us who you are and what is it that you do for a living?

Morne vd W: My name is Morne Van Der Westhuisen and I am a Service Delivery Manager in the IT/Retail industry.

Soviet Denim: Why did you choose Soviet Denim to have a makeover?

Morne: It is a difficult one, I wanted to break away from the standard church look going to work, I wanted something a little bit more newer and trendy however still within the limits of our dress code at work.

Soviet Denim: What clothing brand have you been wearing and do you wear these clothes because you have been told to wear them/like it/or budget constraints?

Morne: It is a budget thing that limits one to wearing a certain brand. I have in the recent past, as far as jeans go, worn Levis and Guess. I chose Soviet Denim because I have been impressed with the great quality for the price you pay.

Soviet Denim: Have you purchased Soviet Denim clothes prior to this makeover?

Morne: I have yes, a pair of Soviet Denim jeans.

Soviet Denim: I think the one question on everyone's mind is, were you put under pressure to change the way you looked by loved ones/friends or was it a decision you made on your own?

Morne: I was more influenced to have a makeover because I look a lot older than what I actually am (33).

Keep an eye out on our website and Facebook page for more details on how you can have a Soviet Denim makeover.