Fashion Faux-pas Everybody was Guilty of in the 2000s

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Most of us remember the 00s fondly - from the rise of reality TV to the introduction of social media - however, many of our fashion choices throughout this decade left a lot to be desired. Below, we take a slightly cringe-worthy trip down memory lane and highlight the top 6 fashion faux-pas of the time that almost everybody was guilty of... 

Velour Tracksuits

These velvety, colourful tracksuits were originally popular way back in the 70s, and were dragged back into the spotlight by many a celebrity in the early 00s - most notably, Paris Hilton. While they were indeed comfortable, it is safe to say that they were also a bit of an eye-sore. Here’s hoping that we don’t have to worry about another velour tracksuit revival for at least 30 more years!

Body Glitter

Body glitter was a massive fad for teens and tweens during the 00s - probably because they were used to seeing their favourite pop starlets wearing copious amounts of it on stage. But that’s the thing… body glitter is meant for over-the-top stage performances, not every day wear. Plus, that stuff gets everywhere. In short, the bling-bling just isn’t worth it. 

Bandana Tops

Bandanas were massive during this time; however, these accessories spent less time on people’s heads and more time doubling up as tops and arm bands. This was another trend made popular by celebrities in the spotlight, but was slightly less than practical for everyday people. Unless you had perfect abs, of course! 


The 00s brought with it a few terrible footwear trends, including Uggs and Crocs. Crocs, in particular, really do not require any introduction. There were two types of people when it came to these shoes - those who couldn’t resist their comfort and those who would rather walk around with cats strapped to their feet. If you still own a pair, do the right thing and save them for working in the garden. 

Trucker Hats

Trucker hats added a touch of masculinity to your style, and were the epitome of ‘cool...’ for a while.They quickly developed a reputation for being tacky and faded away long before the late 00s crept up on us. Unfortunately, thanks to the likes of Kylie Jenner, who sported a trucker hat earlier this year, it seems as though a trend revival is likely to occur in the near future. 

Dresses Over Pants 

Why would anyone want to hide their favourite pair of denims by wearing a dress over them? This is the one 00s trend that really baffles the Soviet team. Wear your jeans with pride! 

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