How to Organize your Wardrobe:

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Organizing your wardrobe can be a rather timely affair with loads of indecision's. We have some tips on how you can organize your cupboards efficiently and effectively in order to make your wardrobe accessible and neat.

1. Remove all the clothes from your cupboard:

Take out all your clothing items, including hanging items & shoes and fold them neatly onto your floor or bed. 

2. Separate your clothes:

Make two separate piles for both your clothes and shoes, a Keep & Throw Away pile. Scrutinize yourself while doing this & be reasonable. If you haven't worn an item for longer than 6 months then clearly this garment is not that important to you and you need to get rid of it. This is all about creating space and keeping things neat. 

3. Separate your seasons:

Depending on what season it is plan your closet accordingly, make either your winter or summer items more accessible. Ensure that you have neatly stored your unnecessary seasonal items away and purchased mothballs to keep the the clothing moths from eating the fabric.

4. Storage:

Storage is an important aspect when arranging your wardrobe. This helps you find your items quickly and ensure they are kept neat and tidy. It’s always a good idea to have storage baskets for items like socks, underwear and bathing suits. Since these items are loose and get lost easily amongst other garments it's nice to keep them in a separate storage area. Shoe storage is also important when it comes to preserving the quality of your footwear. Keep expensive shoes in their boxes, prop up boots with cardboard inserts to keep their shape and never put one shoe on top of another...this will damage the shoe and the shape.

5. Hangers:

You can't have too many hangers but the quality of hangers makes a huge difference. Purchase hangers that will keep you garments in the best possible shape as well as the keep the clothing from pulling and from falling onto the floor

With these tips you are bound to have a beautiful wardrobe full of clothing that is neat and accessible at any point.There is nothing better than knowing exactly what's in your cupboard on those days when you think you have “nothing” to wear.