Denim Fashion Fails

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Most of us have had at least one fashion fail in life... We’d like to think it was a one time deal and move forward from it, but sometimes a fashion fail could potentially rear a horrendous face again! That’s why we’re here, let us save you from making any further #fails with a few tips on how to wear denim the right way:

#1. Always take a long hard look in the mirror before you walk out the door. Make sure that those favourite jeans of yours don’t look like a saggy diaper after 5 years of use. Make sure they fit like a glove and you feel sexy & confident walking out that door…if you don’t... change immediately!!

#2. So winters approaching and you’ve started to comfort eat for warmth…nothing wrong with that, just make sure your clothes are aware of your eating habits. Why not have a fav pair of summer and winter jeans? The summer ones can stay your normal everyday size and your winter pair could probably be a size bigger.

#3. Belts ladies…this accessory can be your best friend. If your jeans are a little loose or low waisted don’t set a foot out the door without a belt.

#4.“Mom Jeans” are not for everyone, maybe if you are Kim or Kylie Kardashian then yes but otherwise we would suggest you just didn’t. Mom jeans can make your bum look as flat as a pancake and if they are high rise they could double as a push up bra… Its 2016, leave the mom jeans back in the 80’s.

#5.Ladies, leave the bells and whistles at home. Bling jeans that are bedazzled from here till next week are so 2000’s. We also advise that you don’t follow every single new trend that pops out of Fashion Mag or Hollywood… most of the time these trends disappear within a month. Don’t waste your money on fashion fads.

We hope you take these tips to heart, as they might save you some serious denim fashion fails in the future. Why not look to Soviet Denim to handle all our fashion and denim needs this winter. Shop now at