An Essential Guide to Men’s Spring / Summer Fashion 2015

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An Essential Guide to Men’s Spring / Summer Fashion 2015

From basic, casual styles to young, trendy looks, the heat and lazy attitude of Summer is no excuse for the guys not to look your best. Especially with Soviet bringing you the latest international fashion to help you look as good as the girl standing next to you.
“We’ve taken inspiration from international trends and incorporated it into our own signature and styled range. We used a variety of minimal print, geometric prints, florals, and mixed media fabrics on garments,”says Zune Spence, Merchandising Executive at Soviet.
An aspiring, contemporary brand, Soviet still ensures that their designs are comfortable and innovative. In order to achieve this, they’re launching 4 different lines for SS/15:
  1. Icon: Composed of basic, everyday styles, this line is aimed at all ages. The classic look suits those who feel more comfortable in mass-market, iconic designs. Available in independent retailers, this “evergreen” range is always in stock.
  2. Authentic: Made for the casual, on-trend guy that likes to add a twist to a classical look, this range incorporated subtle florals,, minimal prints, mixed fabrics and concentrated on different acid- and stone washed denims. It is aimed at gentlemen between the ages of 16 to 35.
  3. Edge: Based on international catwalk looks, this range is fashion forward, aimed at the younger market who likes to keep on-trend. It ranges from athletic-leisure looks to streetwear.
  4. Premium: For the high-flying, sophisticated man that likes to show distinction with class, this range comprises a more formal look for men between the ages of 25 to 45.
Not only does Soviet’s clothing line follow the latest trends, as well as classical, casual styles for men, they provide fashion apparel that offers a competitive price, with designer quality. With details that make the fashion offering unique, they aim to bring you clothes that have a comfortable fit for the South African market.
Watch out for these 5 hot,must-have items for the heat-infused season:

Jolt Jeans:


Grant #9

Minimal print T-shirts:
Devito Burg

Devito Khaki

Devito Brick

Caine Blue