Kelly Rillema Shows Her 947 Using Soviet Shoes

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One of our own, Killy Rillema entered the 94.7 Highveld Radio competition, #ShowUsYour947. To get your hands on the cash, all you have to do is Show them your 947. Prove just how much you love this city, its people and its places using the new 947 logo and you could pocket R947 or walk away with R94 700.

You could take a snapshot of yourself and their logo with the icon Joburg skyline as your backdrop, or in a packed Joburg taxi...whatever you do, you need to be creative. You had to make sure your pic is the epitome of your city and what it means to you.

Kelly, being so passionate about Soviet Denim, went and used 60 pairs of Soviet shoes to pattern out the number 947 and adding the tag line, 'Keeps me on my feet'. Her entry got her onto the Anele Mdoda show and an opportunity to chat about our brand, the Summer collection, Real People, Real Denim and how much she loves working for Soviet.

It was truly a proud moment for Soviet and everyone involved and we encourage everyone to go out there and do their bit for what they love (hopefully that's us *wink wink*)

Thank you Kelly!