Raising the Roof in 2016

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Soviet gets psyched over what 2016 has in store.

Back to work. Back to school. Back to your normal life…

After a very exciting 2015, and an even more exciting festive season, it may seem improbable that the new year can top anything that has happened in the past 365 days. But, with a host of new music releases, some bone-chilling TV series’ and tantalizing sports events, this year is looking to be a scorcher.

Soviet looks into the crystal ball to bring you a small taste of what 2016 could bring, if you know where to look:

Netflix and Chill: If you haven’t heard of this pre-bedtime activity before, then you have been hiding under a rock… for a long time. But, instead of taking part in the dirtier version of this, try watching all the amazing series’ that Netflix has to offer, as well as their great selection of movies that suits everybody’s taste. You won’t be disappointed.

TV: If Netflix has scared you into the virginity club, then try watching some old fashioned television. Empire is back early in the year, and GOT airs again in April (is John Snow dead, or just a wolf?). Peaky Blinders starts off with season 3, and even The X-files makes a long-awaited re-appearance.

Leap for Joy: Yay! We get an extra day this year. And those born on the 29th of February get to celebrate their birthday for the first time in 4 years. However, while the leap-year-babies will be going big, some gentlemen will be trying to make themselves small. This year marks the year of the “female proposal”. Sheesh…

To Celebrate, or Not to Celebrate: While some matriculates will be reluctant to celebrate another year of studying the tragedy that is “Romeo & Juliet”, Shakespearean fans will be commemorating the 400th anniversary of the literary legend’s death. For the full experience, visit Stratford-upon-Avon (that’s right, England) for exhibitions and theater productions.

Selections & Elections: This is a big year for voters across the globe. And apparently comedians too. Not only are South Africans taking part in Municipal Elections this year, but the US will also be getting the results of the very interesting Presidential Elections. Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton? Who is your bet on…

Movies: Last year we were spoiled with the release of 50 Shades of Grey and the latest episode of Star Wars, among many exciting films. But this year you can release your inner child with the screening of The BFG, Finding Dory and Deadpool. For 80’s babies there is the “all-female cast” rendition of Ghostbusters. Who you gonna call…?

Footie Fanatics: It’s the Euro 2016, and we are looking forward to tricks, trips and triceps. Watch out for all the field action around June to see who will be crowned the new “Kings of the Field”.

Rugrats, Doug, Ren & Stimpy:… 25 years ago we were graced by the presence of the first Nickelodeon legends, and this year we get to celebrate their influence on the world. So cheers to all the Patty’s, Chucky’s and twins named Phil and Lil’ after the launch of these inspiring programs.

New music, and Old Favourites: A new year wouldn’t be complete without new beats, and this year we say hello to a new Gorillaz album and some fresh Rihanna. Even Adele is launching her world tour this year - be sure to say hello!

Embedded in Stone: Yup, that’s right. Queen Elizabeth II is turning a respectable 90 years old this year. Although having insisted that she does not want a “fuss”, a big party is being planned across Britain and the Commonwealth states. It’s not everyday your Queen is placed in the record books as the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

Star Trek Turns 50: Yes, it’s the Queen’s 90th birthday, but with Star Trek turning 50, we suspect a whole lot more Dr. Spock ears and “Beam me up Scotty” parties going around this year.

Join a New Reality: Remember watching futuristic movies where people played games in virtual reality? And you thought that was completely way out? Well, now you’ll be going out of your way for the new Oculus Rift. Noted as the best gaming experience in history, Oculus VR is launching the next level in gaming in March 2016.

The Gods Reunite: Getting together on Mount Olympus (Rio de Janeiro, in other words), the power of man will be tested again in a series of sporting events known as the Olympic games. Who will walk away with the winning medals this year?

Even Sexier in Soviet: And probably the most exciting of all is Soviet’s new Winter 2016 campaign. Filled with the latest fashion trends and new twists on old favourites, your mind will be blown with the hot style for a cold winter.

How will you be spending your 2016, and what are you looking forward to the most?  


Soviet offers up to 70% off all children’s apparel

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Big Sale for Small People with 70% Off

From the latest addition to the West-Kardashian family, the Jolie-Pitt gang and even the Beckham squad, being a fashion icon doesn’t only start when you hit adulthood. In fact, more and more designer companies are starting to cater for children, creating exquisite clothing to keep these future fashion idols on trend. 

At Soviet, we believe that beauty should stretch across all ages. Our line of children’s apparel has a wide range of “a la mode” jeans, shirts and accessories that will turn your mini-me into the pure definition of cool.

For a limited time period only, you can dress your little like a celebrity with Soviet’s 70% off sale on all children’s clothing and apparel (excluding shoes).

Visit your closest store now for deals that will make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

T’s & C’s Apply.


Soviet Apparel Trends 2016

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New Apparel That Make Your Jeans Look Good 

Bootcuts, skaterboy styles and loose, comfortable fits. We’ve spoken about what jeans you should be rocking, and how to wear them for the latest, trendiest looks in 2016. But, let’s face it. Even if you wear the coolest, runway inspired jeans, you’re not going to get anywhere with the wrong accessories.

Luckily Soviet is here to save you from any potential fashion fails. With the latest fashion trends, outfit ideas and styles, you are guaranteed a Soviet Sexy look every time you step out in your favourite jeans:

Show Your Shoulders: 

Comfortable, breathable and sexy as hell. Designers are taking this humble trend to the max in order to highlight and show off your arms and shoulders. With exaggerated cutouts and flairs, you can pair this style with high-waisted jeans or  mid-length denim skirts for a vintage, country look.

A Twist on the White Shirt:

No longer the go-to for the walk of shame, white button-down shirts have taken their place in the fashion hall of fame. However, add a twist to your piece with a ruffle, a slash or a side-ways knot to make the old favourite look super-sexy. Pair them with your jeans for a look so hot, you’ll melt eyes!

Lingerie-inspired Couture:

Bring the inside outside by taking out your sexy silk shirts and lacy tops. Although a classic favourite that screams opulence, you can dress it down with your loose fit jeans and Soviet’s Lady Catnis high-tops. If you’re feeling more adventurous, layer your denim shirt by adding a spaghetti-strap silk dress over it, or a lacy shawl, and pairing it with high pumps. 2016 is all about layering, and adding the lingerie-effect ought to score you even more fashion points.

Embellished Beauty:

Dolly Parton wasn’t that far off when she started adding diamonds and studs to… pretty much everything. This season sees a whole new textural dimension with embellished designs everywhere. Turn your jeans into a bling-thing with embellished sneakers, shirts, scarves, hats and everything else you can cover. An embellished belt will draw attention to your Sexy Soviet-clad legs too. 

Be Riddled with Ruffles:

If ruffles sound ridiculous, don’t be despaired. A flouncy pink skirt might appear childish, but pair it with a denim boyfriend blazer, studded cuffs and wedges, and you have barbie-ballerina transformed to model-magnificence. 

What are your favourite Soviet Style prediction for 2016, and what would you like to see floating around in your cupboard?

Whatever your style, visit a Soviet store now for the latest locally-made fashion trends and styles for 2016!


Cosmopolitan Sexiest Man Event 2016

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If it wasn’t already stinking hot in Jozi, Cosmopolitan has to spring this kind of heat on us. Are you ladies ready for a smoking hot evening at the Cosmopolitan Sexiest Man Event??

This sultry event is to be held at Movida on the 28th January and is in collaboration with the one and only Soviet Denim. Obviously Soviet will be emphasizing the gorgeous men that will be rocking the runway all night and giving us a remarkable view.

These sexy men include rugby players, models, actors and more. We can promise lots of hot flushes ladies, you won’t be disappointed.  You can also expect yummy snacks, delish welcome drinks, the finest dancers Jozi has to offer and loads of cool activation's. Be prepared to dance the night away with the girls and party with the hottest eye candy.

Head over to http://www.cosmopolitan.co.za  and vote now for favourite sexiest man. Tickets are also available at https://www.quicket.co.za  don’t miss out and get yours now!


Getting Back to New

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Can you imagine yourself 10 years ago; rocking your tight jeans and belly button tops, partying your days away with no responsibilities and slugging down shots as if you were drinking Oros? Do you even remember what it felt like to be young and careless?

Well, somewhere between getting married, having kids, getting divorced and starting a new job, I forgot what it felt like to dress extremely inappropriately, to sway my body to the deep sound of the latest hits, and to stay awake in order to watch the sunrise with a stranger I have never met. Somewhere between being young and acting mature, I accepted a mundane drink at a pub with my married friends as an adventurous night out, and watching the rugby on a Saturday night as the highlight of my weekend.

Don’t get me wrong. Some things change when you get older. Your life becomes built for comfort and convenience and you get settled in a way that helps you conform to society’s expectations. You are no longer a young teenager, and your tight jeans should be replaced with black slacks for work. That’s how it works.

Well, after realising the ridiculousness of going to bed at 7pm on New Year’s eve, I decided that I needed to get my not-so-innocent self out of the closet, even if was just for one night. I phoned a recently-single friend of mine, and somehow convinced her to join my crazy adventure. But before we “got our groove on”, we had to get the right gear. Since Soviet has always (young or old) been one of my favourite brands, we decided to clad our derrieres in some very trendy Soviet apparel.

However, this is easier said than done, especially when you are used to very comfortable, loose tee’s and tracksuit pants…

Luckily for us, Soviet has very on-trend fashion advisors in store. Wearing Soviet apparel from head to toe, and looking like he stepped out of GQ magazine, Jamie attended to our uninformed needs in the friendliest way possible. By the time we walked out the store, I was armed with 2 pairs of impossibly tight jeans, 3 very flattering, blingy tops and a pair of high heels that made my short legs look like they were never-ending. In addition to this, Jamie also kindly advised me to straighten my hair and to have a fringe cut - for extra umph. And he gave us a few hints on which venues to visit. I could hardly contain myself!

After having a mani-pedi (a term I believe refers to experiencing heaven), having our hair done and blasting the radio on full volume, we made our way home to get dressed. Before even hitting the clubs, I already felt like a brand new 20 year old - perhaps with a few life-bumps, but brand new nonetheless. “Soviet Sexy”, as Jamie liked to call it.

After eyeing the latest Cosmo magazine for stylish make-up tips and techniques, I finished my brand new look. But one look in the mirror made me realise this important fact: I wasn’t brand new. Thanks to Soviet, Jamie and Cosmo, my 20 year old self had resurfaced. I stood staring at myself for 20 minutes. How could I have ignored this beautiful young spirit for so long? I was proud and ready to be young again.

And so, off we went to the club: confident and dressed to impress.

The feeling didn’t last too long: while I felt confident about my look, my younger me went off to the bar to get a drink, while the older me watched the young teenagers flocking inside. I was surrounded by gravity-defying hair do’s, gorgeously toned bodies, flawless make-up and the energy level only teens can display when the music pumps and the drinks are flowing. The whole situation took me by surprise, and I could feel my age catching up with me.

After much inner convincing, I decided that tonight was my night, and I would make the most of it. Besides, I looked gorgeous. How could I waste the perfect outfit?!

Once inside, the music flooded my brain, and before I knew it, I was dancing to the beat of a different drum. I felt the rhythm going through me, like new blood filling my veins, and the energy filled my soul. I moved, I stumbled, I rocked and I didn’t care once. In fact, a few young gentlemen actually attempted to talk to me - not that I could hear them over the thumping sound of the bass.

At 4am, the time I usually wake up to go to gym, my friend and I finally went home, grabbed a blanket and a glass of wine (a bit more adult-inspired than the vodka and Red Bull we were consuming at the club - don’t worry, we took a cab) and watched the sunrise. In the blissful quiet of the dawning of day, I finally found peace in knowing that my youth hadn’t died. It was sitting there, with me, dressed in Soviet and contentment, ready to come out whenever I felt the monotony of life threatening my existence.

Now I can go back to drinks at the pub and Saturday night rugby, knowing that at any point I can don my skin-tight jeans and skyscraper heels and experience a life I have already lived. It is time for the younger generation to experience the joy of being young. However, I will concede to a few things: I will be shopping at Soviet a lot more (what’s the harm in looking hot, right?) and I will be frequenting the salon for mani-pedi’s at least once a month.


New Denim Trends for 2016

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What will you be wearing in 2016?

The old is out, and the new is in. With the calendar moving one year up, fashion too has reinvented itself with new trends for 2016.

When it comes to fashion, we have a pretty exciting year ahead of us: from bright and bold stripes to sexy exposed shoulders, statement earrings and embellished bags. Soviet looks at the denim trends that you need to pay attention to this year.

Skaterboy Flares:


Perhaps the most important addition to your wardrobe this year is the 70’s inspired, 90’s twist Skaterboy Flares. Wide, loose and baggy in a high- or mid-rise style will do you good. A relaxed, low-slung fit will score you even more points. Go for a shorter length (ankle-length) when wearing sneakers or flats, and a bit longer for heels.

Printed Denim:


From outrageously printed floral motifs to subtle mottled effects, this season sees an extra dimension with some interesting textures added to your jeans. From creative patterns and symbols to text printed in specific areas, you’ll find loads of reasons to get a bit wild with print. If you are a bit nervous about rocking prints, go the complete opposite (because different is always beautiful) with white washed jeans paired with a bold, wide-striped shirt in a silky texture. Although less dramatic, it still makes a statement.



If you’re feeling a bit boyish after last season’s boyfriend jeans, then fret not. This season sees a lot of retro denim skirts and button-down dresses. Pair your skirt with a feminine vintage shirt, and your dress with an interesting under-tee, and you’ll have the perfect reason to celebrate your femininity.

Watch out for Soviet’s Winter Collection coming soon. With all the latest trends, and trusty classics, you’re sure to find something that will make you feel trendy and sexy, or elegant and beautiful.

What are your 2016 fashion predictions, and how will you be wearing your jeans and denim apparel this year? Let us know in the comments section.


The 2016 Golden Globe Awards

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Let the Red-carpet Fashion Passion Begin

10 January 2016: Suits, ball gowns, beauty, style and loads of designer pieces walking around. The 72nd Golden Globe event marks the official start of Hollywood’s award season but, more importantly, the start of red-carpet fashion fights. From faces to frocks, everyone gets put under the bright lights of Hollywood glamour, and the judging panel is not always kind.

With the Oscar nominations announcement following soon, everyone is trying to make an impression. Afterall, Hollywood is where appearance reigns supreme. Soviet looks at some of the top fashion hits for the evening, as well as some of the lowest fashion fails.

Best Dressed:
Jennifer Lawrence:

Classically beautiful, sophisticated and with a hint of sexy thrown in. What could be more perfect for Hollywood’s favourite Lady in Red? Jennifer owned the red-carpet with her Dior gown and Chopard jewellery. Looking every bit the winner that she is, the young starlet also walked away with the prize for “Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy”. Congratulations Jennifer!

Alicia Vikander:

Continuing her reign as the Queen of Louis Vuitton, Alicia Vikander sported feminine ruffles and suspender-style back dress in Ivory sequins. Complimenting her figure perfectly, this dress is sure to become a fashion hit.

Jenna Dewan:

A princess in Zuhair Murad, the gorgeous wife of Channing Tatum sparkled on the red-carpet this year. Everything from the glittering embellishments to the ball gown skirt and plunging neckline worked beautifully on this fashion royalty.

Lady Gaga:

Gone are the days of meat dresses and lobster shoes. Lady Gaga channeled a glamourous, sophisticated “Miss Monroe” look on the red-carpet. Wearing an off-the-shoulder, black Versace gown, paired with a beautifully styled bob, Leonardo De Caprio wasn’t the only one knocked over by this beautiful lady.


Let’s face it. This young Hollywood starlet can do no wrong when it comes to dressing up. With a tiered skirt and plunging neckline, Zendaya managed to look elegant in her ruby red Marchesa gown, while still looking her age.

Worst Dressed:
Eva Longoria:

Gorgeous body, radiant beauty, the perfect hair… and bad taste in fashion? For a 40 year old, Eva looks amazing. But the double bows and unnecessary floral embellishments on her latin hips? This Georges Hobeika gown only made her look matronly. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! And you’ve got it, Eva!

Kate Hudson:

Something fishy happened to Miss Hudson’s choice of dress for the red-carpet this year. With a glittery, salmon-coloured crop Michael Kors dress, this ensemble looks like it might show more than her perfect abs at any point in time. Wardrobe malfunction, anybody?

Katie  Perry:

The usually flamboyant, gorgeous singer forgot her courage somewhere at home and rocked the red-carpet in a very unflattering, uninteresting gown. Pair that with a 60’s style blop on her head, and we have to say: this outfit did not make us roar, Katie.

Cate Blancett:

Call the fashion police immediately. The usually spot-on Cate stole some granny’s lamp and turned it into a… Givenchy body covering? Although this stunning actress is heading into the mature years of her life, she still looks gorgeous. However, this dress lacked the usual grace and elegance that Cate brings to the red-carpet.

Alan Cumming:

Classic suit meets vibrant colours, meets nerdy glasses meets Justin Bieber sneakers… Wait, what? The usually dapper Alan Cumming took trend-mixing to a whole different level with this mismatched look. With your eye drifting from one fashion statement to the other (in one outfit, no less), I’m sure photographers had a mission trying to decide which part to snap. Perhaps a plain black suit would have worked better, Alan? More is less, you know…

Of course, fashion is an expression of one’s own personality, and Soviet supports diversity in every sense. As long as the stars felt comfortable and beautiful, we embrace their choice of ensembles 100%... frills and body spills, or not.

Tell us who wore your favourite look for the evening, and why. Or make your Oscar Couture predictions right here... Soviet wants to know!