Soviet at the Emmys

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The Emmys.
As one of the most important social events for celebrities everywhere, the Emmys recognises the amazing talent that Hollywood has to offer in terms of Series, Soapies and Reality TV. It’s a true red carpet event that promises glamour, fashion, celebrations, smiles… and fashion fails.
Yes, these event aren’t always about what you win (or what you don’t), but rather about what you wear, and how well you pull it off.
Relishing in fashion of every type, and drawing inspiration from the leaders of style and design, we look at the top Fashion Fabs and Fails on the red carpet at the 2015 Emmys.
What Were You Thinking’s:
  1. Heidi Klum: As one of the Modeling Legends of all time, and a usually super-stylish dresser, it was quite a shock to see Heidi Klum sporting this ensemble. Donatella Versace must have been watching Big Bird parading around when she got inspired. The single sleeve, the mesh-over-skirt, the embellished mini, the draining yellow colour - but nothing beats the fact that Heidi is a mother, and mothers don’t dress like this.
  2. Joanna Newsome: When your partner hosts the Emmys, you go to extra lengths to make sure you look good. However, we feel that Joanna Newsome was getting inspired by her living room drapes when this note was sent out. The colour isn’t doing her any favours either.
  3. Gwendoline Christie: In GoT, Gwendoline slays like she is on fire. But on the red carpet, she’s rather mediocre… The wishy-washy wrap-over gown is beautifully cut, but the colour leaves her looking washed-out, and rather unremarkable for all the fire she possesses.
  4. Danielle Brooks: Look, we understand that hot is good. That’s what fashion is for, right? But showing up looking like a popsicle will only cool down the heat. Danielle Brooks is a beautiful woman with curves that will make your mouth drop. But the dress does her no justice.
  5. Taryn Manning: More is less, and rather stay safe than sorry? Sometimes the best advice delivers the worst ideas. Take Taryn’s “Morticia meets Malificent” dress, for example. There is no flair, no risk, not even any colour. Perhaps if you lost the train and the cape, and added some swoosh, then it could have been… acceptable?
  6. Anna Chlumsky: Mushroom soup, anybody? From the colour and rosy-vegetable-like embellishments to the badly planned tan lines. Anna, you are known for much better choices than this. Besides, they give you free dinner at the Emmys.

You Go Girl’s:

  1. Taraji P. Henson: Now this is what we like to see. A little black dress number with enough flair to make it stand out from the crowd. Lace, design, fit and accessories; it all came together for the perfect sexy, sophisticated look at a red carpet event.
  2. Lady Gaga: Surprising everybody with meatless, bubbles-free attire, this simple black gown still had a piece of Gaga panache. Toned down, but still gorgeous, Lady Gaga proves that underneath it all, she is a true beauty
  3. Kerry Washington: This lady cannot get it wrong, And at this year’s Emmys, she proved that risk pays off. With a Marc Jacob’s design, right off the runway, she rocked the three-quarter, sleek silver, mesh dress like it was meant for her. Beautifully understated, perfectly OTT.
  4. Naomi Watts: Fresh and feminine; Naomi and her mid-length dress did nothing but impress in the heat of the night. The ladylike fabric and cut proved that sexy can be done in various ways. This was definitely a winner.
  5. Sarah Hyland: With monochromatic colouring and a simple off-the-shoulder cut, Sarah Hyland looked stunning in her Burgundy Zac Posen ensemble. Her shortish hair accentuates her beautiful face and figure, while the colour gives her a vibrant, energetic complexion. One thing is for certain: this girl has grown to a beautiful young woman.
  6. Sofia Vergara: This stunning Latina beauty proves that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Using her curves as the main feature, Sofia was sporting a St. John fitted mermaid style dress covered in Swarovski crystals. Elegant, sophisticated and sexy as hell.
Which was your favourite?


Fashion Goes Back to the Future

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Jelly shoes, shoulder pads and perms…

Sometimes we look back at the 80’s and wonder: “WHY?!!!!”. Why would people voluntarily do that to themselves, and then call it fashion?

When Marty McFly stepped into the future on 21 October 2015, in the 80’s hit movie “Back to the Future II”, the bet is he wasn’t prepared to see the same fashion trends welcoming him. In fact, he was probably expecting space suits. And yet, 30 years later, we have drawn inspiration from our earlier mistakes and turn it into a brand new fashion era. However, we’re doing what the previous generation couldn’t manage: we’re getting it right!

  1. Chunky Heels: In the 80’s, chunky heels were quickly replaced by their sexier counterpart, spindly stilettos. However, the older sister is now making a welcome comeback, giving us a comfy alternative that is still sexy. Pair your chunky heels with skinny jeans or cropped pants to avoid an unbalanced look.
  2. Jumpsuits: Fashion houses have tried for a while now to get these back on track, and they have finally done it. A monochromatic jumpsuit (for a slimming effect) can be paired with a tailored jacket for a work-appropriate look, or pair it with sexy shoes for a night out.
  3. Metallic Shinies: Who could ever forget the shining fabrics that marked the 80’s? Ouch… However, today we forget the disco-hipster look, and wear metallics in a more chic, tailored way to create a gorgeous silhouette. Go big, rather than skin-tight to avoid the club-diva-look.
  4. Denim on Denim: In the 90’s this look was seen as tacky and outdated - boring even. Now the trend takes on a edgy, effortlessly sexy look. Pair it with a crop-top (an 80’s style created by Madonna that is also making a big comeback) and a chain-strap leather bag. Who’s tacky now?!
  5. Reflective Shades: Upon reflection, the trend that was completely dismissed by the 90’s and 00’s, actually has some merit. Make your sunnies the focal point of your outfit by matching them to your bag or jacket, just keep the rest of your look simple to balance out the shine.
  6. Flight Jacket: Tom Cruise’s jacket is taking flight once again! And we couldn’t be happier. Replace bomber-boots with sexy heels and wear your jacket with a pair of loose-fitting boyfriend jeans.
  7. White Walked: Unless you were wearing kicks, white shoes have always been a fashion no-no (except in the 80’s, where every no-no seemed to be a yes-yes). Thanks to the recent colour-blocking trend, white shoes have become a summer must-have. Wear it with solid colours to get the right effect.
  8. Classic Kicks: Kick up the dust on your 80’s kicks and pair it with your favourite dress, skirt or jeans. It creates a soft, feminine, modern look that matches today’s fashion exactly.
  9. Shoulder Pads: This fashion faux pas defined the 80’s to the tee. In every tee that was seen on the streets. But, with a new breath of modern air and a fashion make-over, it is back with a bang. The shape is more subtle and the shoulders more structured to help narrow your waist. Beautiful!


Golden Acre - New Store

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Gold is grand, but Soviet’s newly refurbished store at the Golden Acre Shopping Centre is best.

Opened from 16 October 2015, at shop GSH02 in the Golden Acre Shopping Centre, you can bring your friends for a royal glance at our latest denims, shoes and accessories for men, women and kids.

Our quality apparel is accompanied by some grand OPENING SPECIALS*, the perfect reason to style yourself in gilded perfection.

*while stocks last


Canal Walk - New Store

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Style, fashion and the hottest trends. Soviet has it all in our newly remodelled store.

Bring your friends and come overhaul your wardrobe on 30 October 2015 at Shop 462 A in the Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Cape Town.

Our quality apparel will be accompanied by quality OPENING SPECIALS*, so you’ll have even more reason to grab your bag and come check out all our latest denims, shoes and accessories.

*while stocks last


Blogging Beauty

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Blogging Beauty

We all read them. In fact, you’re reading one right now. Regularly updated by a person sharing their experiences, observations and opinion, blogging is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing forms of communication in any industry. An online trend that isn’t going anywhere.

One of the favourite topics for blogging is fashion. every 37 seconds a new blogging site is created to discuss new trends, old favourites, advice and style tips. Soviet looks at some of the best blogs available in South Africa:

1. Lipgloss Is My Life: Her total obsession with everything to do with lips is evident on this site. Leigh van den Berg does everything from revealing and reviewing new beauty products to giving excellent style tips. Gloss it up with with this blog.

2. Style Guide Cape Town: Now, if you want real good, celebrity-inspired fashion updates and advice, this is the blog you want to visit. Fashion and the stars of the world is Robin Cooke’s oxygen. She tells it like it is, with a twist of humour. It’s no wonder this is one of South Africa’s favourite blogs.

3. Style Diary: A beautifully personalised blog where you’ll find all things beauty and fashion-related. Carla Fourie covers trends, fashion finds and outfit combinations inspired from high-street to home-worn items.

4. Miss Molly: Molly Kieser has the world at her Louboutin-clad feet. For realsies. A fashion merchandiser by day, and a designer by night, Molly goes across the world (including New York and Seoul) to find the latest trends and fashions that any fashion-lover would love to get her hands on. Molly’s blogs range from industry magazines, travel, fashion events to tips and trends.

5. According to Jerri: Not all fashionistas have to be female. Jerri Mokgofe fills his blogs with interesting and fashionable faces, as well as exciting fashionable moments from all over South Africa. Finally, a man that understands our fashion needs!

6. The Brett Robson Blog: Already a winner of “The Best Fashion Blog Award”, Brett’s fashion genius is indisputable. She showcases a unique, personalised talent for finding and matching fashionable outfits. Brett takes her passion for fashion all over the world, making her blog a traveling trendsetter.

7. Kim Gray: With a more sophisticated flair, and a brand collaborator of note, Kim Gray expresses her love for passion in a very unique way. Look out for competitions and local brands on her blog.

8. Miss Milli B: With a truly South African approach, MIss B keeps her posts funky, hip and cool. Her blogs include happening topics like fashion shoots, lookbooks, local designers, hairstyles and beauty. If you are looking for true, vibrant South African fashion, look no further.

9. FashionJazz: This is one of South Africa’s favourite fashion fixes. Entrepreneur and stylist, Jasna Zellerhoff, employees a sophisticated style to bring us news on the latest industry trends. Going for more than just fashion, she also includes lifestyle trends, food blogs and interior design news. Ms. Zellerhoff definitely has a passion for all things beautiful, and she shares this boundless enthusiasm in style.

10 iFashion: iFashion takes fashion to a whole other level. As a lover of locals, this informative style-site has a comprehensive directory of contacts for accessories, beauty, events, education, training, jobs, designers, wholesalers and more. The site promotes local designers’ work, even featuring a section that will help you start your own fashion label. If you’re looking at learning the trade, then here is your best chance of keeping up with the industry.

Whether it is for entertainment, or just to get some tips on how to wear your favourite Soviet jeans and denim apparel, visit these sites for the latest trends and happenings in the ever-changing, ever-rocking fashion world.


Getting Scarily Sexy with Soviet

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Getting Scarily Sexy with Soviet

It’s the month of the scare, but what is really scary are all the corny halloween costumes out there. And, because the store-bought costumes are popular (and expensive), you can’t even be guaranteed to draw any attention.

If you want to stand out in a crowd of zombies and sex-kittens, take a look closer to home. So close, in fact, you can look in your own closet.

That’s right, instead of a plastic costume you’ll only wear once, grab your Soviet Jeans and create a jean-inspired halloween look, with minimum effort.

Here are a few denim-inspired ideas:

1. Marty McFly from Back to the Future:
You’ll need a plaid, one-pocket shirt, a trucker jacket (a red one), a denim jacket, straight-legged jeans and a pair of white high-tops.

2. Where’s Wally:
You’ll need a red and white striped t-shirt, a red and white striped beanie, black-rimmed glasses and a pair of slim-fit jeans with black boots. A puppy is optional.
3. Joan Jett:
You’ll need a black leather jacket, black slim-fit jeans, black eyeliner, a black choker and a black grunge-style wig. Oh, don’t forget the bad-ass attitude.
4.  Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell
You’ll need a red t-shirt, frightfully coloured bomber jacket, relaxed fit jeans and high-tops. Get yourself a blonde wig, or style your hair boy-band style.
5. Rosie the Riveter
You’ll need a Western denim shirt (sleeves rolled up, of course), boot-cut jeans, red and white polka dot bandana and red lipstick.
5. Daisy Duke
You’ll need as little as possible, apparently. Just kidding, get some cut-off denims (preferably high-risers), a plaid Western shirt and Cowboy boots. Tease your hair and pair with a flirty smile.
6. James Dean in Rebel Without  a Cause
You’ll need a white t-shirt, any jeans you feel sexu in (roll the legs up twice) a red jacket and loads of hair gel for a slick hair-look.
7. Steve Urkel from Family Matters
You’ll need a brightly coloured button-down shirt, a check cardigan, skinny jeans, suspenders and a thick pair of glasses. Roll up your jeans and push up your glasses. That’s it Steve, you’ve got it!

Head down to your nearest Soviet store to see how you can put together to perfect halloween costume that will work every day of the year.


1 Jean: 5 Looks

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1 Jean: 5 Looks

First crocks, then baggy pants that barely cover your knees… Some fashion trends have really pushed the limits, while other have crossed the line into forbidden territory.

But the one thing that never goes out of fashion is a great pair of jeans. Classic, flexible and completely gorgeous (especially Soviet’s range of Jeans and denim apparel), you can always rely on your jeans to see you through any fashion situation.

We look at 5 ways you can dress your favourite jeans to suit any occasion:

1. Pair your jeans with a bright coloured top and some matching pumps for a fun summer look that you can wear to a braai, or to the mall with your friends.

2. Get inspired by the “boyfriend” look. Don a plain white button-up shirt with denim jacket to get a semi-formal look that is perfect for casual-Friday at work, or dinner with the in-laws.

3. Feeling hot in the warm weather? Look just as hot with a midriff-bearing button-up that has been tied up. The look is as fun as it is dashing, so you can wear it to the beach, or to the rugby with the girls.

4. Add your favourite formal top and jacket to your favourite jeans and you’re ready to go on that all important first date. It’s a bit more formal, but still shows your fun, chilled side.

5. It’s a girls’ night out at the clubs. Pull on your blues and pair it with a glittery tank for a super funky, sexy look that will get you all the right glances from all the right guys. Don’t forget the gorgeous heels.